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An exercise hole in the spa.

A square hole in the bottom of this spa gives it an added dimension that people with spine, hip, knee, shin, ankle, or foot problems will appreciate. Dr. Robert Kerlan, a Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon, added the hole to the bottom of his tiled spa so he could get the cardiovascular benefits of running without putting too much stress on his knees.

"It creates a minimal gravitational environment that supports about 80 to 85 percent of your body's weight," Dr. Kerlan says. The depth of the hole was determined by his height: he wanted the water surface to be level with his clavicle when standing. He points out that anyone could add a similar running hole to an existing plastered spa. Consider tiling the running pad, though, to make it less abrasive on water-soaked feet. He also cautions that water at 90[deg.] should be the upper limit for prolonged exercise.

To further expand the spa's versatility, he added a grab bar to hold while kicking, another exercise with low stress and high cardiovascular benefits.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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