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An exchange of ideas continues.

There's perhaps nothing more effective at providing perspective on current challenges than looking back on the issues of the day 20 years ago. I took a stroll down memory lane recently when planning the launch of the newest addition to our website, the Exchange blog (, which replaces the newsletter of the same name once found in the pages of Rural Telecom.

Longtime NTCA members will remember that Exchange began as a newsletter that was mailed to members twice a month. An early issue from 1995 reveals that the news of the day can sound pretty familiar when read 20 years later: FCC efforts to review key provisions of universal service policy; the start of a new strategic plan; the one-year anniversary and branding of the new Foundation for Rural Service; and a project to collect information about members "taking the plunge" to help their customers access the Internet.

Exchange was incorporated into Rural Telecom in 2013, and now it has taken on a new life as a blog that will be updated regularly to highlight innovations in rural telecom and the latest NTCA happenings. This change also will give us an opportunity to better spotlight New Edge commentary about tech trends and the latest developments in broadband-enabled applications.

As we always have, we need your help to make Exchange a success. Share your successes, challenges and thoughts with us and we will share them with our membership. We know you have important stories to tell. Help us tell them.

Laura Withers

Director of Communications

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Title Annotation:FROM the Top
Author:Withers, Laura
Publication:Rural Telecommunications
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 1, 2016
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