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An evening of note.

Byline: Will Sutton

A night to celebrate success was jazzed up with a range of musical numbers.

An operatic aria, teachers singing the Blues Brothers and an improvised jazz version of Boro anthem Pig Bag gave an unusual twist to a school awards ceremony.

Year 11 pupils from Nunthorpe School were at Middlesbrough town hall on Wednesday night to celebrate their achievements.

The school's teachers and musicians put on a performance, while academic awards were given out.

Christopher Wheeler, 16, from Nunthorpe, was among those who received an award for his musical contribution to the school.

Kay Parker, head of music at Nunthorpe School, said: "Chris can play the trumpet, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums and is something of a one-man band.

"He has worked tirelessly over the last five years, helping with the orchestra, band, and has even been teaching younger pupils."

Hundreds of parents packed into the town hall and musicians playing a version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody brought the adults to their feet.

Hannah Mabbott, 16, received the Joelene Kimbley Award, named after Nunthorpe School's former pupil who finally lost a long and courageous battle against leukaemia.

Deputy Head Kathy Kirkbright said: "We felt the award, which is for courage against adversity, should go to Hannah.

"Her autism has made it difficult but she has tried so hard and been involved with so many musical and drama events in the school."


Parents and teenagers were also treated to a speech from Shiulie Ghosh, the ITN News correspondent who is originally a Teesside girl.

Mrs Kirkbright said: "Shiulie gave a record of achievement to everyone and that was about 260 pupils, so that's a lot of handshaking. She also spoke to them about seizing opportunities in life and she spoke about her early career when she started out on local radio in 1989.

"She said that she came because we were a local school near where she grew up."

The audience was entertained by an "all-singing, all-dancing" performance of a Blues Brothers number by two teachers who are leaving the school, Mr Davies and Mr Fletcher.

Fundraising at the school had also raised pounds 2,000 for charity.

Two pounds 1,000 cheques were handed to children's hospice Zoe's Place and Shiulie Ghosh's chosen charity, International Care and Relief.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2004
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