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An essential contract.

Faced with the need to invest 30m Euros in a new distribution centre in Weiden, Germany to maintain a competitive, Joseph Witt GmbH has awarded FKI Logistex[R] a major contract to install the next generation sortation systems.

Due to be handed over in October this year, the new 27,500m2 facility will incorporate the new groundbreaking, high-speed, high-accuracy systems two LS-4000CB cross-belt sorters and one LS4000E tilt-tray sorter.

Witt, supported by Otto Group Logistics Systems, chose to be the user of this advanced sortation technology after Witt/Otto Group and FKI Logistex spent time working closely together, determining the systems' performance requirements. By drawing on its unrivalled expertise, FKI Logistex was able to show that, not only could it meet the demanding sortation objectives set by Witt but was able to exceed these expectations.

Jerry Woodhouse, managing director of the company's European Operations, said: "Winning the Joseph Witt contract illustrates that FKI Logistex continues to lead the industry in innovative sortation technology. We are delighted that our next-generation LS-4000 sorters will play a key role in the future success of the new Weiden distribution centre, by helping the company retain its market leading position and grow its pan-European mail order and e-commerce operations."

In the new Witt distribution centre, picked items will be placed manually out of a tote on the inductions and transferred to the cross-belt systems for automatic sorting, prior to conveying to 134 chutes. Following this stage, the sorted items will be parcelled and conveyed to the tilt-tray unit for sorting based on destinations.

Contact FKI Logistex on tel 01536 480611 or visit
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Title Annotation:NEWS AND INSTALLATIONS; Joseph Witt GmbH awarded contract to FKI Logistex Inc.
Comment:An essential contract.(NEWS AND INSTALLATIONS)(Joseph Witt GmbH awarded contract to FKI Logistex Inc.)
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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