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An energy transformation.

Americans pay less for electricity than other countries. The planet is in trouble, and we need to reduce greenhouse gasses. We need to create jobs in America. The federal government could do this: Levy a federal tax on electricity, then use the funds to offer monetary incentives similar to those in California on solar panels, thermal hot water heaters and other alternative energy options.


It seems to me this would Provide an unprecedented surge in private sector jobs. As homeowners all over the country invest in solar, solar thermal, and even wind, folks in the information technology sector could help move us toward "distributed generation," something that people in the know have been recommending for years. A beneficial byproduct of this process would be the appreciation in home values, but most importantly, the creation of millions of jobs.

This seems like such a win/win to me and even seems like it would be politically popular. By the way, if more people read and believed in MOTHER EARTH NEWS the way I do, there would be a lot more hope for our future.

Danny Ray

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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Title Annotation:DEAR MOTHER
Author:Ray, Danny
Publication:Mother Earth News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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