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An educated staff is the best prevention.

Property management is multi-faceted. A critical aspect of good management is making sure that building systems run smoothly.

One of the best ways to ensure that all systems function effectively is to employ a building staff that is intimately aware of the physical plant and its workings. In fact, a well-trained and educated building staff, not just the superintendent, but handymen and porters as well, can add tremendous value to a building by helping to control maintenance expenses.

For example, an educated staff can often spot small problems before they become large ones. Trouble with boilers, absorption machines, central air conditioning systems, and heating plants can detect trouble early or and possibly corrected by the building staff, avoiding a costly service call. Periodic examinations of such systems by the building staff, along with regularly scheduled preventative service calls will extend the life of the systems and avoid a possible shut-down of a system during peak performance time.

In addition to weekly site visits, Greenthal Property Managers walk-through every Greenthal-managed building a minimum of once a month. During these inspections our managers not only look at the systems, they are able to "hear" if a system is not working properly. When properly educated, the building staff will also have this capability.

The elevator room, boiler room et cetera should be well lit, painted and clean of debris. The only item in any room should be the operating plans for that particular system. Greenthal takes pride in the properties we manage. A fastidiously clean environment, be it lobby, workrooms, laundry room, systems rooms or bicycle rooms, shows that the building staff also takes pride in their building.

We also try to educate our Boards by asking them to make a site inspection with their Property Manger, especially when we first assume management of a building. Six months later, the positive changes accomplished by Greenthal will be evident to Board members upon their subsequent walk-through.

Keeping a building staff disciplined, involved and educated makes each staff member more valuable and allows him or her to do more than just "pull garbage" -- it allows them to have an interesting and important position in the operation of each building. It instills a pride in their work, workmanship and work environment.

Successful property management is a cooperative effort between an informed, professional management team an educated building staff and a dedicated Board.
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