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An armed gang.

Fifteen rooms of the Econo Lodge in Norfolk, Virginia, have been occupied weekly by workers of Collier Electric, which is based near Richmond, Virginia. Collier Electric has been working on lights in the local public schools. The Virginia Beach News reported that Collier Electric had chosen to put up its workers in the Econo Lodge because it was perceived "to be a safer place to stay than where they were originally staying." Yet it became the site of a brief gun battle on June 11 between an employee of Collier Electric and three robbers.

The three robbers, brandishing guns, forced their way into a room that housed two Collier Electric employees, with the presumed intent of robbing them. However, one of the employees was armed, and he drew his gun and fired at the intruders as the robbers fired at him. The employee struck two of the robbers.

A June 13 Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot indicated that the two criminals died as a result of wounds received. Dante Cooley, 22, died at the scene, and Trevor Pauley, 20, died of his wounds later at the hospital.

A Sentara Norfolk General Hospital spokeswoman indicated that the victim who put up the defense was also wounded in the exchange, but will recover. The Virginia Beach News indicated that Collier Electric employees were unlikely to keep using the Econo Lodge as a home-away-from-home. That decision might be influenced in part by the fact that it has come out that "police were called to the Econo Lodge 89 times since June 11, 2008. Those calls included Assault, Robbery and Disturbing the Peace."

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Title Annotation:EXERCISING THE RIGHT; an armed employee prevented robbery
Author:Scholl, Allan
Publication:The New American
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Date:Jul 20, 2009
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