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An apparel statement in Lauren line.

NEW YORK--Ralph Lauren Home continues to demonstrate its savvy at lifestyle marketing with an eclectic collection consisting of denim, tailored, Southwestern and luxury conections.

Even in its youth-oriented Ralph line, the looks range from retro brights to locker-room grays.

But throughout the collection, apparel influences are apparent. Round Hill is a periwinkle combination of houndstooth, windowpane, glen plaid and engraved floral print and woven designs.

"It appeals to a customer who is very sophisticated--who wants to go home and truly relax," Rood said. "The way the blues work, it creates a very soothing environment."

The Serape Collection--the designer's favorite--takes its inspiration from Native American designs. The sheeting pairs a yarn-dyed ticking stripe with a printed floral stripe. The colorway is midtones rather than pastels. Accessories include canvas shams, tooled leather decorative pillows with whipstitch edges, and a fringed-suede throw that has Gerry Spence written all over it.

Desert Hollywood is the sequal to last market's Hollywood luxury collection. The silk-and-sateen bed includes a silk comforter, raw silk nightspread, sateen sheets heavily embroidered scalloped hem in a Chinese motif, and snakeskin shams. There are coordinating jacquard towels in crocodile hide, zebra skin and kuba cloth motifs.

"Last market we introduced a towel with a leopard design and it did truly incredibly," said Rood. "Animal prints are very distinctive, and customers like to add those as an accent."

The denim story commands the most floor space in the Ralph Lauren showroom. Not surprising, considering the public's strong identification of RL and jeans. Featured in this collection are over-dyed towels in five shades of denim blue. There are chambray sheets with an attached yarn-dyed madras hem. And a denim duvet with metal buttons. One ensemble has printed denim sheets guaranteed to fade with repeated washing. Also in the collection is a crazyquilt coverlet constructed of Ralph Lauren blue jeans.

In the Ralph line, the new Modernist collection uses heavy, cotton-knit fabrics familiar from athletic wear, including a pillow case with an elastic waistband for a hem. This trainer-type look is targeted at the young or young at heart.

A Route 66 collection consists of two beds with a retro, sundrenched, American feel. One is a mix of small florals on brightly colored grounds. Accessories include an embroidered nightspread and crocheted decorative pillows. The other ensemble is a play of seersucker stripes and bold florals.

Meanwhile, the company is raising the thread-count on its Ralph printed sheets--to 200 from 180. It is also adding a new champagne color to its T-250 sateens. And it's launching a Twrinkle-200 wrinkle-free cotton program in eight colors for $9.99 twin.

At the other end of the price spectrum, Ralph Lauren Home is introducing new washed silk sheets. The program is in four colors-white, champagne, harbor blue and cover gray--and a twin retails for $99.99.
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Title Annotation:Ralph Lauren Home
Author:Williams, Alexander H.
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Oct 9, 1995
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