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An alcove for the computer.

Where will we keep the computer and all its components? That's what Ruth and Alan Tobey asked before they remodeled their kitchen and added a family room and master bedroom. Architects Michael Kay and Bonnie Blake-Drucker created a separate--but centrally located--computer alcove just five steps up from the kitchen, between the family room and a stairway to the new bedroom.

Two 32-inch-wide counters run the width of the 8- by 10-foot space. The counters are 30 inches high; one has a 27-inch-high keyboard section and cutouts in back to keep wiring out of sight.

A stepped opening in the east wall lets in light from a clerestory window and combines with the alcove's opening to the family room to allow cross ventilation.
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Date:Jul 1, 1985
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