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An ace in the hole.


Ammunition almost gone ... smoke streaking back from a shot-up engine ... enemy fighters poised for a knockout blow. But helpless? No! This bomber pilot has an ace in the hole. As long as his radio keeps him in touch with the ground and supporting planes, he has what it takes to talk his way out of trouble. And this he can depend on! His Belmont-made equipment has had the blessing of accuracy by every hand that touched it.

Belmont employees are giving him the best that human hands can produce. And they are turning it out in great volume--on time! Some day, these same skilled hands again will be fashioning peacetime radios for you. And just as today we pledge our fighting men our best, so too, we pledge that Belmont's peacetime products will stand unexcelled--in engineering, in design and in performance. Belmont Radio Corp., Chicago.

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Publication:America in WWII
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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