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An Unexpected Break in the Weather.




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Deborah Schnitzer's An Unexpected Break in the Weather highlights the warmth and winds of Winnipeg's Corydon strip as Schnitzer weaves a story of connection, estrangement, change and endings--both the orchestrated and inevitable kinds. The story centres around A Rose on Corydon, a bridal shop that is the celebratory and healing headquarters of aging couple Mildred and Gertrude's chosen family.

The shop begins its last walk down the aisle when Mildred's sudden slip on the ice forces the couple to face the reality of their limited ability to maintain the energy the shop demands. With no one to take over the business, the shop's place in their lives will be a loss to them and to many others entangled in this community corner.

When wedding-happy friend Perfume decides to marry for the fourth time, Millie and Gertrude agree it will be A Rose's last hurrah. Determined to control this ending by orchestrating a smashing party deserving of A Rose's legacy, everyone attending the wedding is invited to parade the bridal shop's wears at the extravagant ceremony, to be hosted by the shop. That control is snatched away when long-time friend Wordie fights cancer and faces death, forcing them to say their goodbyes to the places and people they graciously took for granted, until ... an unexpected break in the weather hits.

An Unexpected Break in the Weather won Schnitzer the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction. A talented wordsmith, Schnitzer has been compared with Mordecai Richler, Michael Ondaatje. I would add Anne Michaels. Despite the accolades it received, however, the book's cast of characters was too ornate and flowery for my liking. I found myself lost at times, as the book conjured up images rather than thoughts or feelings. However, if you like plenty of descriptive prose, this book might be for you.

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Author:Darricades, Karen
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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