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An Iron Rod Removed a Chunk of His Brain But Not His Courageous Will to Live.

Los Angeles, CA, April 12, 2012 --( Todd Colby Pliss brings the amazing tale of Phineas Gage to life with his new novel, The Only Living Man With A Hole in His Head, from SB Addison Books.

In his new book, Todd Colby Pliss vividly recounts one of history's most unusual events with the captivating historical narrative non-fiction tale of railroad worker Phineas Gage.

“The Only Living Man With A Hole in His Head,” tells the incredible true case of railroad foreman Phineas Gage, whom in 1848, had a three-foot long, inch-and-a-half in diameter, thirteen pound iron rod blast though his skull, taking out part of his brain, and the doctor who treated him, valiantly battling the medical establishment to prove the authenticity and merit of the case as Phineas Gage entered a journey into changed personality, the P.T. Barnum freak show and driving stage coaches across South America. It ends with medical science forever changed and redemption for Dr. John Harlow, the physician who was ridiculed for his research on the case.

“Like The Elephant Man, this project brings a fascinating, but marginally known inspirational story into the national consciousness,” said Pliss. “People only hear of the injury and that Phineas's personality changed because of it, but they don't know the real back story of the case as well as the physician's twenty-year dramatic struggle to prove that what he had published about his patient was correct.”

About Todd Colby Pliss

Todd Colby Pliss is a novelist, screenwriter and teacher. Since relocating to Los Angeles from his native Long Island, New York, Todd, who holds teaching credentials in the social sciences, has a passion for history and its fascinating characters. Todd has written and directed the award-winning short films, Execution at County Jail and Einstein's Brain. Todd is the founder /CEO of the popular business Rent A Grandma.

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Lauren Hammond - Senior Marketing Manager


News Facts:

The Only Living Man With A Hole in His Head transports readers back to an era when an often used cure-all was leeches, surgeons operated in street clothes and anathesia usually meant getting the patient drunk.

The case of Phineas Gage was famously featured as a “Ripley's Believe or Not” cartoon.

Phineas Gage has become a textbook example case taught in high school and college psychology courses throughout the world.

Dr. John Harlow, the physician who treated Phineas after his accident, would go on to become a Massachusetts State Senator.

Phineas Gage's story was the historical beginnings of the study of the biological basis of behavior.

Dr. Harlow donated Phineas Gage's skull and tamping iron to the Harvard Medical School's Warren Anatomical Museum, located in the Countway Library of Medicine, where it still resides today.

A feature film version of The Only Living Man With a Hole in His Head is being planned.

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Date:Apr 12, 2012
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