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An Integrated Approach: Even Start Family Literacy Model for Migrant Families.

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Even Start family literacy is a comprehensive approach that focuses on the family unit, addressing language and literacy competence for children and adults through integrated educational activities. Four core program components build upon one another to support children's school success and literacy outcomes. The components are: (1) adult basic education, English language literacy, and GED preparation; (2) parent education about their children's language development, the importance of reading and story telling, and parental teaching strategies; (3) early childhood education to improve the language and emergent literacy skills of children aged birth to 8; and (4) parent and child "together time," during which parents play with their children and practice skills learned in the parent education component under the supervision of a staff member. The core components align with a strengths-oriented approach to family literacy that respects families' culture, language, and competencies. Even Start projects are required to form partnerships and collaborative agreements with school districts, other agencies, or community groups to avoid duplication of services and share resources. Steps in the process of building such working relationships are listed; home-based and center-based service delivery strategies are described; and practitioner strategies for improving migrant Even Start programs are discussed. (SV)

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Author:Ward, Patricia A.; Franquiz, Maria E.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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