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An Illustrated Guide to Caricature.

Caricature, the art of making people look ridiculous, has influenced politics, society and the arts for centuries. Luck and Flaw, alias Roger Law and Peter Fluck, the creators of the puppets which star in the award-winning series, "Splitting Image," act as the hosts of an eye-opening journey through the history of this appealing art form. They survey works of such early caricaturists as Low, Daumier, Dantan and Cruikshank. In addition, contemporary caricaturists Gerald Scarfe, Ralph Steadman, Steve Bell and Ralph Sallon talk about practice, principles, and the never-ending source of material from the political pratfalls of government and royalty.

This is a most entertaining and instructive program. It would be most appealing to middle school students, and is a must for secondary school art programs. Further, it is an idea videotape to share with history and social studies teachers!
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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