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An Evening with eminent Poet Iftikhar Arif organized by Jehan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum.

Jehan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum an entity established by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals organized an evening with noted poet Iftikhar Arif on Sunday May 14th 2017. Another eminent literary figure and poet Prof. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui former Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi currently Vice Chancellor of Ziauddin Medical University who is also Patron of Jehan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum was the chief guest on this occasion. Other poets who participated in the programme included Kh.Razi Hyder Director Quaid-e-Azam Academy, Kashif Hussain Ghayar, Iqbal Pirzada while Poet Ajmal Siraj acted as the moderator.

Speaking at the occasion Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui said that if we prepare a list of the well known celebrity Urdu poets of the world today, Mr.Arif Iftikhar our chief guest today will be seen in the first row among those a few renowned poets. His contributions to Urdu literature poetry are tremendous and he has his own identify. Today is an era of professionalism and we need professionals in different fields. We have many but they do not know anything else. It is our humble effort that they should be linked to Adab, literature. This was one such humble effort for which we are working through this Jehan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum. Popularity is a Gift from God and Iftikhar Arif is very popular and he is linked with the present time. What makes Iftikar Arif special is the selection of his most appropriate words in his poetry, which forces you to think about poetry, he added.

Mr.Ajmal Siraj before reciting his Kalam highlighted the Mission and Vision of Jehan-e-Maseeha Adibi Forum which is to create a healthier society. This Adbi Forum has in the past organized numerous Mushairas in different cities, helped publish a large number of books and PharmEvo's contribution in promoting such literary activities was commendable. However, it is unfortunate that other organizations including pharmaceutical companies have not followed the tradition set by PharmEvo. He hoped that other organizations will also patronize and promote such literary activities in the country. He then recited a few Ghazal. Here are a few selected couplets from his Kalam:

Mr. Kashif Hussain Ghayar was then invited who amused the audience with his Kalam. Here are a few selected couplets:

Then came Dr. Iqbal Pirzada a chest physician who recited his Kalam and received tremendous applause from the audience. A few couplets from his poetry:

He was followed by Kh.Razi Haider and here are a few selected couplets from his Kalam:

Prof. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui is a great name in Urdu poetry and he also recited his Kalam which the select gathering of healthcare professionals and their families enjoyed the most. Here are a few selected couplets from his Kalam which he recited on this occasion for you to enjoy:

Finally it was the turn of chief guest of the evening Mr.Iftikhar Arif who speaking at the occasion thanked PharmEvo, Jehan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum and its Patron Prof. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui for organizing this reception in his honour. It was indeed heartening to hear all the praise and good words from friends particularly when we do not have such tradition to say good words for friends, he remarked. I love poetry and if something you love also becomes a way of your livelihood, one enjoys it the most. He then recited his Kalam and started with Naat.

He then recited some of his Kalam which reflected the current state of affairs in the country and it conveys a lot to those who are capable of understanding. It also has a message for the society at large. Here are a few couplets from his Kalam for the readers to enjoy:

Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo presented vote of thanks. In his speech he stated that their objective in organizing such literary meetings was to bring the healthcare professionals to the real word so that they could also feel and see their sufferings. We intend to organize such sittings in Medical Colleges as well in future so as to inculcate in the medical students humanism, love for humanity so that they can feel the pain and sufferings of the society and the society in which we live. We have no commercial aspect in organizing such meeting and you won't see any product name or drug promotion on this occasion. He requested the healthcare professionals to help PharmEvo in organizing such literary activities more frequently which will also go a long way in promoting Urdu poetry and help physicians become more conscious of patient's sufferings thus improving patient care. Earlier Mr. Athar Suleman on behalf of PharmEvo and Jehan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum welcomed the guests and participants.
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