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An Enigmatic Signifier.

My mother is no longer making sense.
She called last dream, garbled and hung up.
At 67, I have passed where
her eternity is clear. She who did not
possess the code, encoded me.
What I am missing is encoded in her mouse.

When I was hungry, daddy would hold
my kitty mamma up by her front paws.
In her black furry belly there were mouse heads,
one of which I would take
between my hands and put its nose into my mouth.
As I filled up, I saw blue butterflies,
green buds. Around what kind of Eden
did I have my mouth?

One day when kitty mamma did not come,
I cried, and daddy brought out mother.
Had he hid kitty mamma? Mother
had no mouse, mother had
Carnation milk, Kepler cod-liver oil.
Mother daddy would poke at me and laugh:
"does the cat have your tongue?"

What were mice doing
in kitty mamma's body? Were they
trying to emerge? What else was trying
to emerge? What had I
emerged from?

"Tell us how a star goes." Twinkle tinkle twinkle.
"Tell us how a dog." Wow-wow.
Dite (light)
Chur (picture)
Dad-da car.
  Her exhausted face
  urging out words.

Suck thumb suck thumb no tinkle suck thumb.
Night and day you are a thumb
in the roaring traffic glare
amongst the pillows of my tiny lair
I suck thumb. Then they tied a thumb-stall on.
Stating Bok old Mamma
  Tak-a new Mamma very loud
I showed my kitty mamma mouse fanged
farce-fed mouth to the world.
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Author:Eshleman, Clayton
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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