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An Arkansas gold mine.

New York Couple Settles in State With $7.5 Million Business Providing Health Care

WHEN NEW YORKERS Pat and Barry Solomon scouted Arkansas as a possible site for a Medical Personnel Pool franchise, they became convinced it was the place for them.

Research had shown them that out of the 100 sites at which they were looking, Arkansas ranked somewhere in the middle as a good location to set up a homecare provider business.

While they were in Little Rock looking things over, their rental car broke down on busy Rodney Parham Road.

Eight people stopped to help them.

"That settled it," Pat Solomon says. "The figures are one thing, but the people are another."

For seed money, they sold everything they owned from their stamp collection to their camping gear.

The investment paid off.

After six months in business, the Solomons received a telegram from their parent company congratulating them for breaking all past start-up sales records.

Initial sales were $350,000 in 1978, but they grew to $7.5 million in 1992. Estimates for 1993 are for better than $8 million.

Effective Jan. 1, the company's name changed to Interim Health Care of Little Rock Inc. It is a franchise of the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Interim Health Care Services of America Inc.

The Solomons have branches of the business in Hot Springs, Fort Smith and Rogers in addition to Little Rock.

There was only one period during which the business didn't grow, the Solomons say. That was when 80 percent of the company was based on providing supplemental staffing services to hospitals.

The Solomons realized the business was heading more into the home-care provider area, so they began to develop that side of it.

Today, the business is 90 percent home care and 10 percent staffing.

The Solomons say their challenge now is to provide the highest quality of patient care in the most cost-effective manner possible. They say this is especially difficult because of the current Medicaid reduction in home health reimbursement.

No current expansion plans are slated for Interim Health Care. However, if there are future expansions, the Solomons say they will be in Arkansas.
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Title Annotation:Arkansas Business of the Year Awards 1992; Interim Health Care of Little Rock Inc.'s management of home care services
Author:Rengers, Carrie
Publication:Arkansas Business
Article Type:Company Profile
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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