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An Answer for Answering Machines.

Connecting with a live human being is the main goal of telemarketing, but most consumers aren't home during the day when telemarketers call. A twist on automatic dialing recording message players (ADRMPs) takes advantage of nearly universal use of answering machines. Marketers can communicate with existing customers by broadcasting directly to their machines when live humans aren't home. Most consumers aren't aware that the messages are prerecorded, and thus are likely to listen, according to Jesse Crowe, president of Voice Mail Broadcasting Corp., Carlsbad, CA.

The process is most effective for simple communications: get-out-the-vote drives, retail traffic building, promotion of special events. RealCall, a Norfolk, VA, company that creates these campaigns, claims that the key to success is a conversational message that sounds like a real person. More advice: Don't make your scripts a sales pitch. Identity the caller, explain the reason for calling and close. Messages should be less than 30 seconds long.

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Date:Dec 1, 1999
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