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An Announcement from the Georgia Board of Nursing.

The Georgia Board of Nursing voted in May 2010 to begin the process of recognizing Clinical Nurse Specialists as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse group. The Board's Advance Practice Registered Nurse Committee has worked diligently over the past eight months to create recommendations to enable the Board to recognize this group as advanced practice nurses.

Georgia law defines an advanced practice nurse as one who has met the requirements established by the Board to engage in advanced nursing practice and who holds a master's degree or other graduate degree from an approved nursing education program and national board certification in his or her area of specialty (see O.C.G.A. [section] 43-26-3 (1.1)).

Additionally, the Advanced Practice Committee of the Georgia Board of Nursing has recommended that the Board adopt a rule, to become effective prior to January 1, 2012, requiring Clinical Nurse Specialists to have advanced courses in pharmacology, pathophysiology and physical health assessment. The adoption of this rule will bring the standards and requirements of other Board recognized advanced practice authorizations to the Clinical Nurse Specialists population.

The Georgia Board of Nursing is currently planning to begin recognizing Clinical Nurse Specialists as an advanced practice group on January 1, 2012. This means that, at that time, Clinical Nurse Specialist would become a title protected by law and would only be usable by those with Georgia Board of Nursing advanced practice authorization as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

It is important that those who will be affected by this change begin making plans now. Communicate with your employer about the upcoming changes and make sure that you have the required credentials to obtain this advanced practice authorization. Research availability and enroll for any course offerings you may need in order to satisfy educational requirements. You may monitor the Georgia Board of Nursing web site (www.sos. for further updates regarding rule postings, application deadlines and other information.

For information on the GBON, please visit sos.

Jim Cleghorn is the executive director of the Georgia Board of Nursing.
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Title Annotation:Nursing Practice
Author:Cleghorn, Jim
Publication:Georgia Nursing
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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