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An Agile Software Roadmap.

In the late 1990's several methodologies began to get increasing public attention. Each had a different combination of old ideas, new ideas, and transmuted old ideas. But they all emphasized close collaboration between the programmer team and business experts; face-to-face communication (as more efficient than written documentation); frequent delivery of new deployable business value; tight, self-organizing teams; and ways to craft the code and the team such that the inevitable requirements churn was not a crisis.

Early 2001 saw a workshop in Snowbird, Utah, USA where various originators and practitioners of these methodologies met to figure out just what it was they had in common. They picked the word "agile" for an umbrella term and crafted the' Manifesto for Agile Software Development', whose most important part was a statement of shared development values: We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.

Through this work we have come to value:

* Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

* Working software over comprehensive documentation

* Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

* Responding to change over following a plan

The Manifesto struck a chord, and it led to many new Agile projects being started. As with any human endeavor, some succeeded and some failed. But what was striking about the successes was how much both the business people and the technical people loved their project. This was the way they wanted software development done. Successful projects spawned enthusiasts.

The Agile Alliance exists to help more Agile projects succeed and to help the enthusiasts start more Agile projects. This particular feature is to help people learn more about Agile software development. In keeping with the Agile emphasis on face-to-face communication, we urge you to visit a users group and talk to your peers about their experience. But we also provide a Roadmap, which intends to give a quick introduction to various agile methods and tools.

Agile Methods:

* General information about agile methods

* AD -- Agile Database Techniques

* AM -- Agile Modeling

* ASD -- Adaptive Software Development

* Crystal

* FDD -- Feature Driven Development

* DSDM -- Dynamic Systems Development Method

* Lean Software Development

* Scrum

* TDD -- Test-Driven Design * XBreed

* XP -- extreme Programming

Related tools & techniques:

The tools have no Roadmap info attached, the links point directly to the website where related information can be found. If you consider yourself an expert with one of the tools then step forward and help build the Roadmap pages.


Ant (build tool)

Anthill build server)

Bugzila (issue tracking)

* Cruise Control (build tool)

* CVS (version manager)

* CVS gui front end (version manager)

* Roundup (issue tracker)

* Request Tracker (issue tracker)

* Requirements & Issue Tracker

* Subversion (Build and Version Control tool)

* Traction (project log)

* TortoiseCVS (version control)

* XPlanner (XP planning tool)

* Xpweb (XP Project Support tool)

* Xp WorkBench (Project Support tool)


* Avignon (acceptance testing)

* Canoo WebTest

* Easymock


* FitNesse

* FoxUnit (unit testing for Visual FoxPro)

* Unit (Testing framework) Jester

* Marathonman

* MockMaker Pounder

* Ruby lib for IE controlling (test tool)

* StoryTestRunner runs .NET FIT fixtures.

* WebTest


* Eclipse (IDE with refactoring support)

* IntelliJ (IDE with refactoring support)

* RefactorIT (Refactoring tool)

Facilitating, learning etc.

* Open Space (facilitation technique)

* The XPGame

* The Agile Facilitator

* Other tools

* Centipede

* FreeMind mindmapping tool

* Jakarta Velocity (Template Engine)

* Maven

* Poseidon for UML

* SelfEsteem

* Traction (project log)

Commercial tools

* Anthill Pro (build server)

* BuildForge (build server)

* Clover

* FinalBuilder

* Rally (management solutions for Agile teams) SCM4ALL

* Select ScopeManager (Project Management tool)
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