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An Ag Day salute.

As I push my cart through the grocery store, I can't help but marvel at the supply, the variety, and the quality of food products all around me. Potatoes, bananas, apples, beef, pork, chicken, milk, cereals ... what an incredible selection!

Dropping a package of cheese in the cart, I reflect on how lucky I am to live in a country where food is so readily available, and at such a reasonable price. How we, as Americans, spend only 10 percent of our income on food--less than any other nation. In Europe, it's 14 percent; Japan, 21 percent; China, 48 percent.

Reaching for a pork roast, I think about the farmers and ranchers who produce this bounty. Like many of you, I grew up on a farm. I have seen the blood, sweat and tears that farming extracts. So many things you can't control. It's a tough job. Not without rewards, but challenging--physically and mentally.

Grabbing a loaf of bread and heading for the checkout, I remind myself how fortunate I am to be part of this great industry--and I vow to do even more to help share this message with other consumers.

This is my Agriculture Day salute to the men and women who produce our food, fuel and fiber--and the people who process and deliver those products to us. Thanks for all you do.


Tom Taylor (GRP)--President High Plains Journal, Dodge City, KS (620) 227-1844

Tom Smull (IOA)--President-Elect Associations, Inc., Des Moines, IA (515) 280-7234

Sheri Seger (CNA) Secretary/Treasurer Progressive Farmer, Chicago, IL (312) 832-0840

Stephanie Gable (CAR) Bayer CropScience, Durham, NC (919) 549-2047

Patty Travis (MIA) 5MetaCom, Carmel, IN (317) 564-2008

Susie Decker (COB) Farm Progress Cos., Marion, IA (319) 377-3080

Monte Reese (ROM) Cattlemen's Beef Promotion & Research Bd., Centennial, CO (303) 220-9890

Ken Anderson (MIL) David & Associates, Lincoln, NE (402) 438-4034

Carol Anderson (MOK) Eidson & Partners, Kansas City, MO (816) 474-0747


Badger (Wisconsin) Suzie Duwe (608) 250-4182

Carolinas/Virginia, Angela Bendorf Jamison (919) 523-5991

Central California NAMA, Tim Alderson (661) 834-9176

Chesapeake (Baltimore, Philadelphia) Mike Ricciuto (302) 999-5392

Chicago, Jim Haist (630) 505-1100

Cornbelt (Quad City Area, IA, IL) Louann Hausner (309) 765-7253

Desert Southwest Lee Dueringer (480) 922-8212

Eastern (New York) Howard Lane (914) 631-3486

Florida Gary Cooper (407) 436-1909

Gateway (St. Louis) Sue Derscheid (314) 576-1770

Great Plains (Dodge City, Wichita) Pete Weil (620) 227-7171

Heartland (Illinois) Krista Wolf, (309) 557-6167

Iowa (Des Moines) Jana Rieker (515) 284-2778

Mid-America (Indiana) John Ameis (317) 773-0259

Midlands (Omaha) Steve Johnson (402) 492-3230

Midsouth (Memphis) Bill Pittard (901) 758-2743

Missouri-Kansas, Melissa Sanders (816) 584-8444

NAMA Cal (Los Angeles/San Diego)

NAMA Pacific (San Francisco/Sacramento) Adam McCarthy (209) 603-8708

North Central (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Jessica Lamker (651) 355-5127

Northern Prairie (Dakotas) Becky Peterson (701) 663-6487

Ohio, Joe Monahan (440) 942-2000

Rocky Mountain (Denver) Mike Flesher (970) 330-4071

Southeastern (Georgia) Judy Austin (770) 390-9692

Southwest (Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston) Brian Markwardt (254) 761-9838

* Updated as chapter presidents are elected.


Agri Broadcast Management Council, Kyle Bauer (785) 632-5661

Commodity Promotion Council, Mike Wegner (515) 223-2600

National Agri-Marketing Association 11020 King Street, Suite 205 Overland Park, KS 66210 E-mail: Web Site:

Ken Anderson, David & Associates, NAMA Vice President
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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