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An 8-count from the "dream ballet".

Liam Redhead (directed here by Jeffrey Edwards, Billy Elliot: The Musical's resident choreographer) shows an 8-count from the "The Dream Ballet." In this beautiful and technically challenging scene, Billy dances alongside his older self.--KL

STARTING POSITION: Fifth position efface, right foot front; right arm holds the top corner of a chair; left arm is lowered into fifth en bas.

COUNT 1: Arms and legs move at the same time. Right leg brushes to tendu efface, left leg plies; body bends forward from hips with a flat back; left arm raises overhead; right arm holds the top corner of chair.


COUNT 2: Bring body upright as you close right leg into fifth position plie; left arm lowers to fifth en bas; right arm remains on chair.


COUNT 2 AND: Straighten legs.

COUNT 3: In one motion: right leg shoots through first position back to tendu arabesque; as left leg plies with heel forward, left arm goes into a lowered first arabesque position with eyes over that hand; right hand remains on chair.


COUNT 4: Legs stay as in previous position; left arm and eyes move to a high first arabesque position; right hand remains on chair.


COUNT 5: Brush right leg through first position, arms fifth en bas. Demi-grand rond de jambe (left leg in plie, right leg above 90 degrees), devant to a la seconde, over the chair; arms finish in fifth en haut.


COUNT 6: Push off of the left leg, transferring the weight onto the right leg, bringing the left leg to retire devant; arms open through la seconde to fourth position devant.


COUNT 7: Rond de jambe en l'air.


COUNT 8: Open a la seconde en face with arms matching leg, palms facing ceiling, eyes and heart lifted, letting sun shine down on chest.



* Photos are being taken from the corner. The final pose is the only one that is done en face, to the audience.

* Music is in a 3/4 meter, Each count is a 3-beat phrase.

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