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Amy Childs' beauty range'll vajazzle you.

MY name is Niamh McEneaney and I'm addicted to "rubbish TV". Well, that is what a lot of people call reality shows. But I disagree, I think they are very far from rubbish. I think they're bloomin' brilliant.

The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), Made In Chelsea (MIC), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) name it, I've probably had an abbreviated encounter with it.

They are the greatest escape. When I switch on one of these shows, my brain switches off and I escape my own often stressful and hectic reality and enter there's.

What is so wrong with that? I love them all, but there is one I really don't think I could live without. One which nearly caused me to cry one day when I realised my TV didn't record an episode (it was a particulary stressful week). It's TOWIE baby!

The Only Way Is Essex is my fav. It never fails to cheer me up and make me laugh.

I can't get enough of the Way they mix up their metaphors, the Way they act all calm and refined at the start of an argument only to end up scrapping like fishwives, the Way throwing a drink in someone's face is considered normal bar etiquette.

So when an email landed in my inbox inviting me to meet one of the original cast members of the show you can imagine how I felt...very very Essexcited!

Amy Childs was in Belfast to launch her new tanning and beauty range excusively at Jason Shankey on the Lisburn Road.

Now even if you aren't familiar with TOWIE, there's a chance you have heard of Amy, or at least what Amy is famous for - bringing vajazzling to the masses. (Vajazzling, described in the Oxford English Dictionary as: The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman's nether regions for aesthetic purposes). Yes, you did read that right and yes it is exactly what you think it is.

There are obviously many more of my kind out there as Amy designated one hour for press interviews meaning each one of us professional journalists (aka crazily, over-Essexcited TOWIE fans) were only getting 300 seconds with the lady herself. So here's my five minutes with Ms Amy Childs...

Hi Amy. Welcome to Northern Ireland, have you been here before? Hiya! I have, I have. I have been to Donegal (Republic of Ireland) a few times. I did the Saturday Night Show (RTE One talk show filmed in Dublin) with some guy here and I have to say I didn't understand a word he was saying to me!

What makes your tan and lashes stand out from the many others on the market? It took me two years to perfect my tan.

Packaging, research... everything you can imagine I worked on. I try to make my products the best 'cos there are so many out there. You have to and touch wood (she touches wood) my products fly out of the shelves. I work so hard at what I do. I fink if you put all the hard work in you get it back.

Will you bring out anymore products? Definitely. I'd like to in a couple of years but it took so long to get my tan out there and it is doing so well I'm just going to focus on it for the time being. The fact it is now launching in Northern Ireland in such a great salon is great. I'm really excited to see how well it does here.

Towie propelled you to fame so would you ever consider returning? Do you know what, I love Towie but I don't know any of the new people so I wouldn't have a storyline. To be honest I think it has lost its touch a little bit. People love the old characters. But saying that, I still watch it. It's still great. If they did a comeback in 10 years' time I'd love to do a cameo.

You are synonymous with bringing vajazzling to the masses. Is there any more "out there" or Essex fashion beauty trends that we should be preparing ourselves for? The vajazzle was unbelievable. The press I got from it was just phenomenal really. Me and my mum were at the airport this morning talking about vajazzling and these girls beside me were saying, 'Oh my God she's talking about vajazzling!' It's mad because people love talking about it. Is there anything else out there? I don't think there is, you just can't beat it!

So you still come across it? Oh my God yes. In my salon I do about 80 vajazzles on a Saturday. It's so busy. I think it's curiousity, everyone wants to see what it's like.

Everyone gets their nunny out to me!

You have the clothes and make-up world conquered, what is next for you? I'll be back on the TV next month. I've just filmed Dinner Date. It's one of my favourite shows, which is why I did it! It's a celebrity version and the best thing is we get to date normal people. They don't know it is me and I knock on the door and they go, 'Oh my God!' One guy didn't even know what Towie was and another guy was the biggest Towie fan going. So you'll get to see all of that. It was great fun.

Oh my god that sounds totes amazeballs! Celebrity Dinner Date (CDD)...that's another one to add to the list! Can't wait!

*Amy Childs' tanning and beauty products are available exclusively at Jason Shankey on the Lisburn Road and House of Fraser. Prices start at PS5.99. Visit
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