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Amulet Technologies(R) Awarded U.S. Patent on Its Invention of Graphical User Interface Engine for Embedded Systems.

The Patent Details a Unique Architecture That Enables a GUI Coprocessor to Execute a Graphical User Interface Independently from an Application Processor. This Technology Empowers OEM's to Design User-Friendly, Reliable User Interfaces.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Amulet Technologies, inventor of the Graphical Operating System in Silicon[TM], announced today that it has been awarded U.S. Patent 7,100,118. The patent was awarded to Amulet Technologies for their invention of the "Graphical User Interface Engine for Embedded Systems." The patent details a unique architecture that enables a GUI coprocessor to execute a Graphical User Interface (GUI) independently from an application processor. Amulet Technologies, a Silicon Valley based company, was awarded the patent on August 29, 2006.

User Experience has become a major driving factor in the design of products today. As a result, Graphical User Interfaces have become increasingly popular in everything from mp3 players to home appliances. According to Ken Klask, President of Amulet Technologies, "User Experience is more than just good looks. To be successful, electronic devices must be just as reliable and easy to use as they are visually appealing." Amulet's modular GUI architecture enables multidisciplinary design teams to collaborate on building products that are both attractive and reliable. According to Mr. Klask, "Truly innovative products are most often the result of a design team that is made up of experts from different disciplines. The division of work promoted by the Amulet philosophy allows each expert to work within their own domain of expertise, while still contributing to the whole product design." In addition, the modularity of the architecture makes it very easy and cost effective for companies to differentiate between brands and models by simply "bolting on" a different UI to the same underlying application circuitry.

This technology is currently being used by Amulet's customers in production products via Amulet's chips or integrated LCD modules. Starter kits are a very popular option during the early prototype phases of product design. Licensing options are also possible for production. Klask states, "The Amulet patents allow us to protect our partners and licensees, especially as we explore new licensing opportunities with LCD module manufacturers, microcontroller vendors, OS companies and OEM's who see a significant advantage in using multiple processors in products or as a System On a Chip (SOC)."

The full text and images of this patent, U.S. 7,100,118, are available at by searching for patent number or company name under issued patents. Equivalent patents have been awarded to Amulet Technologies in Europe under European Patent 1090344.

About Amulet Technologies:

Amulet Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on chips and firmware that drive Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) user interfaces. For nearly a decade, Amulet's unique Graphical OS in Silicon[TM] has enabled OEM's to cost effectively improve the user experience of their electronic devices with visually appealing, interactive user interfaces, that provide rock solid 24/7 reliability. Amulet's innovative hardware, software and collaborative design philosophy empower OEM's to provide the best graphical user experience to their customers. For more information, please visit

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Protected by US Patent 7,100,118 and European Patent 1090344,

Canadian and Other Patents Pending
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 3, 2006
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