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Amtech comments on federal communications commission ruling.

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Feb. 10, 1995--Amtech Corporation (NASDAQ-AMTC) said today that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates the radio frequency emissions of radio frequency identification (RFID) products in the United States, issued its decision on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Docket 93-61 (NPRM) relating to Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) systems. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was released in April 1993 at the request of Airtouch Teletrac, formerly known as PacTel Teletrac, to make changes to rules relating to the site licensing of certain transmitters operating in the 902-928 MHz portion of the radio spectrum.

On February 6, the Commission issued a decision announcing permanent rules to govern all future electronic vehicle monitoring applications in the United States. The Commission modified and eliminated "interim" regulations first issued in 1974 in order to keep pace with the technological evolution of AVM by establishing a new service, to be called the Location and Monitoring Service (LMS), that both encompasses the old AVM service as well as future advanced transportation-related services.

In explicit recognition of the increasing importance of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in improving the efficiency of the nation's transportation infrastructure, the FCC created a new subpart in Part 90 of the FCC regulations for a new service denoted as Transportation Infrastructure Radio Services (TIRS). The LMS is the first service authorized within the TIRS category. As stated by the Commission in its order, "Today's creation of the TIRS clearly demonstrates this agency's commitment to the continued integration of radio-based technologies into the nation's transportation infrastructure and our commitment to the development and implementation of the nation's intelligent transportation systems of the future."

Amtech's president and CEO, G. Russell Mortenson, said, "We are pleased that the FCC has now ruled. The Commission's ruling is a major step in resolving the regulatory uncertainty that has surrounded the use of the 902-928 MHz band for the last few years. Some prospective customers have, in the past, deferred purchase decisions pending this long-awaited FCC decision. Although subject to potential administrative and judicial appeals, the FCC's action will provide Amtech-equipped systems access to 14 MHz of the 902-928 MHz band. The spectrum made available will support both our present product line as well as advanced, high data rate radio frequency (RF) vehicle to roadside communications systems, such as the new Intellitag 2000 system."

A key feature of the new spectrum allocation plan is to establish separate sub-bands for licensed LMS uses. The FCC provided separate sub-bands for exclusive licensing of "multilateration" LMS systems in addition to two sub-bands for the sharing of "non-multilateration" LMS systems. Amtech products are considered "non-multilateration" under the FCC decision. Existing licensees using Amtech products are "grandfathered" until April 1, 1998. Thereafter, the bulk of existing Amtech system users will see no change in their operating frequencies, since most Amtech systems in the field, domestically, already operate in the spectrum now set aside for non-multilateration systems by the Commission under the new rules. The decision, which Amtech is continuing to review, also addresses other licensing and equipment authorization matters.

Amtech Corporation designs, manufactures, markets and supports a line of hardware and software products and provides services utilizing radio frequency technology. The Company uses RFID technology for remote identification and communication with vehicles, intermodal containers, and other transportation equipment through the use of radio signals. Other RFID products include low frequency electronic security systems for hands-free personnel access control, as well as hospital security systems to help prevent infant abduction and provide reliable protection for wandering patients. Amtech is expanding its product line into the radio frequency data collection (RF/DC) market for transportation and logistics applications through an investment in WaveLink Technologies, Inc., of Ontario, Canada. Amtech products are currently marketed to commercial, industrial, government, hospital, ITS, intermodal, rail, air freight, vehicle fleet management, access control and security industries.

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Date:Feb 10, 1995
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