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Amrac not seeking extra charges; Managing director Adrian Ford explains the position of TurfTV and parent company Amrac.

A LICENCE for TurfTV data is included in each LBO's subscription. The majority receive TurfTV data directly into their operator's head offices, which they process and distribute. Nothing in any potential SIS and OpenBet relationship will change this.

Some independent LBO operators depend on a third-party-managed service provider to drive LBO display and EPoS systems. SIS, OpenBet and the Bookmakers Technology Consortium (BTC) offer flavours of managed service.

Amrac has offered TurfTV data to all three providers, at no cost, for distribution to TurfTV-subscribing LBOs using the managed service.

Amrac had no part in any SIS and OpenBet discussions and only became aware of their deal through public announcements. Clearly TurfTV data was not seen as an issue by either party at that time.

Amrac was subsequently approached by SIS regarding TurfTV data for use in their services. We offered TurfTV data to SIS for use in its UK- and Irishmanaged services to TurfTV-subscribing LBOs at no charge, as is our standard policy.

SIS says that operational imperatives require them to distribute TurfTV to UK- and ROI-managed-service LBOs that do not subscribe to TurfTV. We have, in principle, agreed to this request, offering reasonable licensing terms.

In summary, Amrac is not seeking to make additional charges to its customers for data into LBOs covered by a TurfTV subscription.

Furthermore, we are confident that our commercial and technical positions present no barriers to SIS offering a full managed service to any existing OpenBet customer.

Finally, Amrac is happy to participate in an appropriately moderated forum with representatives of SIS, OpenBet and impacted LBO operators to seek an effective resolution.

Adrian Ford... managing director of Amrac
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Apr 10, 2012
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