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Ammo availability issue.

My question is this: I am considering buying either a Ruger .375 H&H or the .375 Ruger. With the .375 H&H you can go into the smallest gun store in the boonies anywhere in the world and get ammo. Can you do that with the Ruger .375? If the airlines were to lose your bag with the ammo in it, could you find more ammo in the far corners of Africa or Alaska?

Craig Boddington replies: "Once you get past .243, .270 Winchester, 7mm-08, .30-30, .308, .30-06, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum and, maybe, .338 Winchester Magnum and .37S H&H, your chances of finding ammo in a small-town hardware store or a foreign gunshop go down pretty fast. I don't worry about it too much. Over the years, I've had bags delayed, but I've never actually lost properly checked ones. If this is something that's going to bother you, then the .375 H&H currently is--and may always be--more generally available than the .375 Ruger. But the reality is, you're just as likely to have your gun case delayed, in which case you'll have to borrow a rifle anyway. Do any paperwork/ security checks properly and, above all, avoid tight connections. Most of the time you'll be fine."

Ted Yadlosky Pemberton, NJ

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Title Annotation:READER BLOWBACK; .375 Ruger
Author:Yadlosky, Ted
Publication:Guns & Ammo
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Date:May 22, 2012
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