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Amiri Baraka 1934-2014.

We mourn the loss of Amiri Baraka, who was a very influential man in the African-American writing world and internationally. He was both glorified and criticized, and over the years his controversial poetry has sparked some heated debates.

With a career that spanned almost fifty years, Amiri Baraka sported several titles; poet, playwright, novelist, dramatist, musical critic, activist and writer among others. In his early years, he studied Religion and Philosophy at Columbia University. He later pursued a professional career in the US Air Force during the early fifties. This didn't last long and he moved to a job in a warehouse for music records. It is here that his social circle expanded, soon making him a much sought after music critic.

Baraka was married twice, first to Hettie Jones from 1958-1965 and to Amina Baraka since 1966. He fathered nine children, the last being Amiri Baraka Jr.. Concerning his books, some notable pieces are Dutchman and The Slave, Tales of the Out & the Gone and Somebody Blew Up America. Baraka was a past contributor to Kola.

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Title Annotation:Black writers in the news
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Date:Mar 22, 2014
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