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Acclaimed children's portrait photographer Sandy Puc' covers all facets of producing a 'kid care' system to produce engaging, professional photos of kids of all ages. From designing a kid-friendly studio and using pre-session consultations to working with kids of all ages to draw them out, THE SANDY PUC' GUIDE TO CHILDREN'S PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY (9781584282341, $34.95) offers up a host of tips and tricks of the trade and is perfect for any who would open their own studio. Kathleen Hawkins' GUIDE TO SALES AND MARKETING FOR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (9781584282327, $34.95) is a tip pick for any photographer who would profit from efforts. From developing a solid marketing plan and using sales skills to determining ways to reach clients and using relationship marketing to boost efforts, this blends solid business strategy with applications specific to professional photographers, making it a top pick for any career or photography library alike. Dr. Glenn Rand's FILM & DIGITAL TECHNIQUES FOR ZONE SYSTEM PHOTOGRAPHY (9781584282273, $34.95) tells how to take control of photographic results using the Zone System which emphasizes black and white photography and is based on the techniques of Ansel Adams. This is an unusual systematic approach which offers tips for using the system, identifying its place in typical workflows, and honing techniques for using with the Zone System. Photography libraries catering to practicing professionals and neo-professionals need this.
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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