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These Amherst titles deserve ongoing mention and recommendation as top picks for any who would gain professional results from their photo efforts. Patrick Rice's MASTER GUIDE FOR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (1584281952, $34.95) comes packed with tips not just from the author's own experiences, but from professional photography industry leaders. Here are details ranging from using hardware and software to composing eye-catching images and getting the right, polished results the first time. Color photo examples throughout are complimented by tips on what made them special challenges and how difficulties were overcome to produce polished results. Norman Phillips' MASTER POSING GUIDE FOR CHILDREN'S PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY (158428191X, $34.95) tackles the very challenging world of taking posed portraits of children, offering up strategies particular for all ages, from babies to teens, and showing how to design sets and group portraits, how to pose families and individual children, and how to create poses unique to a child's qualities and nature. Bill Huter edits RANGEFINDER'S PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: TECHNIQUES AND IMAGES FROM THE PAGES OF RANGEFINDER MAGAZINE (1584281936, $34.95), which gathers the inside secrets of some of the top photographers--some one hundred--who have created successful professional images. Even the amateur can learn from masters who manipulate lighting, props, and image settings for maximum results, and chapters packed with eye-catching color displays cover not just the art of setting up the shot, but the 'new darkroom' techniques of Photoshop to manipulate the results. All are highly recommended picks deserving places on shelves ranging from college-level photography collections to public library settings.
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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