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Ameron Enmar Finishes Division: demonstrating special consideration for customers and the environment.

In a time of growing concern about protecting the environment, the people at Enmar Finishes Division of Ameron, Inc. are proud that they are producing environmentally designed coatings in a plant that was designed to harmonize with the natural beauty of Arkansas.

When the Enmar Finishes Division was building its 100,000 square-foot plant in the mid-1960s a few miles west of Little Rock, Arkansas, a special kind of consideration was given to the beautiful natural landscape. Trees were not cut down and large boulders were not removed on its 40-acre site. The result is a park replete with tall pines and deciduous hardwoods.


This affection for the environment is carried on behind the doors of the plant. Enmar produces powder coatings using innovative technology to help reduce solvent emission problems. The emergence of powder coatings is one of the most exciting developments in the paint industry in recent years, for this new technology offers an alternative to environmentally troublesome solvented coatings.

Powder coatings are a mix of plastic resins and color pigments, as well as additives selected to enhance the powder's handling characteristics. Unlike liquid coatings that may be tinted by the seller or user to meet color requirements, all components in a powder coating must be blended by the manufacturer.

Powder coatings are used on numerous products ranging from automobile panels to children's wagons. They offer many advantages over conventional liquid finishes: no solvent emissions or overspray, single component formulation for easy application, a healthier work environment for the user and performance that matches or exceeds conventional coatings.

Enmar also produces an extensive line of environmentally designed liquid coatings, including high solids enamels and waterborne finishes. These coatings are used by manufacturers of metal furniture and fixtures, small appliances, machinery and equipment, and recreation products.


Because Enmar serves a wide range of customers and their needs for a large variety of special product finishes, the entire organization is geared toward providing the customers with individualized, personal service. Finishes can be formulated to match specifications, and the production capabilities are flexible and efficient. A customer can order a specific formulation of 25 gallons or a volume lot of 2,500 gallons and still be assured that they both will receive equal attention.


Enmar's products are backed by a highly qualified technical staff at three separate laboratory facilities: research and product development; product analysis; and quality control. The latter functions throughout the plant, moving in and out of every work station, taking samples and making measurements of everything from formulation to color specification. Throughout Enmar, every one of the 200 employees is aware that providing the customer with precisely the customized product specified is the cardinal rule.

It used to be said that anyone with a few cans and a mixing vat could get into the paint business. With today's environmental concerns and the specialized finishes required by customers, this is no longer the case--a fact that the people of Enmar constantly keep in mind.
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Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Aug 16, 1993
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