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Americans, Zionists all defaming Islam.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi says the United States and the Zionists have organized a global campaign to defame Islam in order to stop it from advancing around the world.

"We the Muslims have two main duties: one is that we should introduce real Islam to non-Muslims; the other is about ourselves. We should understand the reasons behind the animosity that the arrogant world powers practice against Islam," Khamenehi said Tuesday in an address to the ambassadors from the Muslim countries that met with him on Mabas, the anniversary of Mohammad's appointment to the Prophethood.

Khamenehi said, "In the Islamic Republic of Iran, there has been--all praise is due to God-one manifestation of the many manifestations of the Prophet's governance--and it continues to be so. After the establishment of the Islamic Republic, enemies of human societies--not just the enemies of Islam--began to confront Islam as something that is a source of growth for human societies."

Khamenehi added: "Today the enemies of human societies confront Islam. Why? Because Islam is the source of growth for humankind. It is the source of the emergence of talent. It is the source of the creation of a shared and common spiritual and material civilization. Because Islam can stop the transgressions of the oppressive modern materialistic civilization, hence they target Islam."

Khamenehi said the enemy uses many methods to confront Islam, including the formation of terrorist groups using the name of Islam. "This is a conspiracy. Setting Islamic countries against one another and getting them tied up in wars are other forms of hostility," he said.

Khamenehi said the source of this animosity is America and the Zionists. "The Zionist, a vicious and usurper regime in Palestine, and the oppressive and arrogant government backing them in the US have assailed Islam.

"Today, they assail the Islamic Republic more than any other place because Islam has been manifested more clearly in Iran, and there is more room in this country for acting upon Islam. They are against Islam, because it interferes with their greed," he told the ambassadors.

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Title Annotation:Keeping an eye on rhetoric
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Apr 28, 2017
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