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American scientists develop new eco-cleaning material.

AMERICAN scientists from the USA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have developed a new green biodegradable detergent additive called a "cobuilder" which prevents scale deposits.

Cobuilder is derived from cornstarch as opposed to the current anti-scale solution made from petroleum-derived polyacrylic acid.

ARS scientists Randy Shogren and Julious Willett (NOTE--NAMES ARE CORRECT) researched ways to make a scale-fighting agent that would be degradable by microbes in soil and water. That led to their using citric acid and sorbitol with a heat-based method of fusing them to form polyester-based cobuilders.

Adding the polyester-based cobuilder to a solution of calcium carbonate staved off crystal formation for 10 minutes. Although less polyacrylic acid was needed to do the same, it lacked the biodegradability of the polyester-based cobuilder.

The citric acid and sorbitol content also avoids the use of costly solvents that will allow the product to be sold to smaller markets such as cleaning companies and hygiene departments.
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Author:Dobie, Monica
Publication:International News
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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