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American magazine: Aircraft in Qatar and the UAE to deter Iran.

Baghdad / NINA / -American National Interest Magazine reported that: The American army has mobilized /12 / Air Force Dominion fighters / F22 / Ghost at its air base in Qatar as part of preparing for a possible confrontation with Iran. F-22s can carry out air operations escorting the F-35s that the United States has sent to the UAE. The magazine pointed out that the fighters had previously participated in military operations in Syria, Iraq and the Gulf, starting from the Emirates, but they were returned to Qatar to coincide with the crisis, with Iran. By sending F-22 fighters to Qatar, they are in a position to launch air strikes on Iran, if America decides to war on Iran. The magazine pointed out that last May, America sent 4 B-52 long-range bombers to Qatar, to join the F-22 fighters in Qatar, and the F-35 fighters in the UAE, noting that the presence of these three weapons in the Gulf gives America the ability to launch a swift response or launch a surprise attack on Iran if it wants to, and it represents a deterrent force that can be used in record time when necessary. The magazine pointed out that the war with Iran is unnecessary, and will have harm to American interests, adding: "Although Iran is an enemy of Washington, it does not represent an urgent threat to America as depicted by the hawks in the American administration." The magazine added: "Starting a preemptive war with Iran will cost a lot of lives and money, while there are 3 countries that America should deter first, which are China, North Korea, and Russia." It explained that "the recent tensions in the region are being exploited in Washington to exaggerate the threat posed by Iran, and to take this as an excuse to send military build-up to the Gulf." / End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Geographic Code:7QATA
Date:Dec 9, 2019
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