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American greetings unveils birthday card connection.

CLEVELAND--American Greetings Corp. has launched a collection of birthday cards called Let Me Out that delivers a new look for sound cards. The cards incorporate fresh twists on paper technology combined with carefully written copy and festive artwork.

Each card in the collection features a paper card inside a base. When the card is pulled out of the base, a surprise sound is triggered. Characters depicted include a gnome in a garden, a squirrel in a bag of peanuts, a monkey in a pile of bananas and a kitten resting in a basket of yarn.

"Let Me Out cards have such a different look and feel to them that it makes them stand out as something special," says Carol Miller, executive director of new product concepts at American Greetings. "Quirky and fun, this one-of-a-kind concept is a great way to add a little character to the next big occasion."

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Date:Sep 5, 2011
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