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American forces press service (Oct. 7, 2005): Hispanic American climbs to top of DoD success ladder.

WASHINGTON -- Alan F. Estevez never dreamed the low-level civil-service job in Bayonne, N.J., that he accepted shortly after college would lead to the high-level, important position he holds today.

Now assistant deputy under secretary of defense for supply-chain integration, Estevez is responsible for managing the Defense Department's global supply chains and transforming supply-management processes.

Estevez's trek into government service began after graduating from Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, N.J., in 1979 with a bachelor of arts degree in political science. "I bounced around for awhile loading trucks and kind of deciding what I wanted to do," said the native of North Arlington, N.J., where his father taught Spanish for 25 years after retiring from the Army as an infantry lieutenant colonel.


Based on the results of his civil-service exam, Estevez was hired as an intern by the former Military Traffic Management Command, in Bayonne, which is now the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. He started at an entry-level pay grade and decided he liked the work.

On Sept. 28, Estevez received the 2005 National Security medal in recognition of his implementation of radio frequency identification for use in military logistics. RFID uses radio waves to automatically identify and track people or objects. In the logistics chain, it allows for real-time tracking of shipments around the world.

The award is part of the "Service to America Medals" program co-sponsored by the Atlantic Media Company, which publishes several government-related periodicals. The awards program pays tribute to America's federal workforce, highlighting civil servants who have made significant contributions to the country. Estevez was cited for his work in developing policies and processes to ensure that the vast quantities of food, fuel, medicine, clothing, munitions, and weapons parts needed to sustain globally deployed U.S. forces are available to them, the award citation stated.

In addition to implementing RFID, Estevez was instrumental in developing and deploying a worldwide RFID infrastructure called the "in-transit visibility network," which significantly improved the tracking of military supplies. Estevez helped put the latest technology being used by the private sector to use for the armed forces. The result of his work is a more effective and more efficient fighting force, the award citation stated.
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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