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American Women and Children Face Terror Abroad.

PORTLAND, Ore., April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Paula Lucas doesn't wear a cape. But to the over 100,000 American women and children who are abused, living overseas, and trying to flee back to the US, Lucas may be superwoman.


Lucas founded the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line after forging her husband's name on a check and fleeing the Middle East with her three children, rescuing them from a life of severe domestic violence. Tina and Tania are two of the women currently working with the ADVCL.

Tina was a young girl in Ohio when she married Guy and moved back to Luxembourg with him. After the birth of their three children, Guy became possessive and jealous and locked his wife and children in the house for days at a time. He locked his eldest daughter in the barn on a freezing night in nothing but her nightgown as punishment for "talking too fast." After filing for divorce, Tina and the children fled to Michigan. Guy charged her with international kidnapping, and she was extradited back to Europe where she is still fighting for custody of her children.

When Tania met and married Tai in California, she had no idea that his family had ties to the Japanese mafia. When they moved with their two boys to Japan to live on the family compound, Tania's life became filled with violence. She was never allowed to leave the compound with both children at the same time to prevent her from escaping with the boys. Tania fled in March 2005, forced to leave the children behind or die herself, and has not seen her children since. She recently received a picture of the children giving the camera the middle finger and holding a sign that says, "F**K MAMA." Though she has photographic evidence of child abuse, she has been dropped by several attorneys and the authorities for fear of retaliation by her husband's family.

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Celebrating five years of service, the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line, 866-USWomen, is the only organization that's toll-free to over 175 countries and works to help American women and children escape abusive situations and return home to the US. They provide support for fleeing trans-nationally, including airfare furnished by Virgin Airlines. Upon arrival, the ADVCL provides transitional housing and a legal retainer to fight for custody of the children.

Rescuing a single American family costs the organization thousands of dollars, but, says founder Lucas, "When we help bring these women and children home, we're bringing them home from a life of terror and, for many, a death sentence."

Extracting estimates from the Association of American Residents Overseas, the American Institute on Domestic Violence, and the International Child Abuse Network, there are well over 100,000 American women and children who are living overseas and are victims of domestic violence every year.
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Date:Apr 19, 2006
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