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American Wave Machines Sponsors World Renowned River Surfer.

- Elijah Mack Surfs Rivers in Germany and Africa; Standing Waves Inspire the SurfStream[TM] Wave Machine -

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. -- American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), the creator of the SurfStream standing wave machine, announced today that it has sponsored Elijah Mack, the world renowned river surfer, in his trips to Munich, Germany and Zambia, Africa. Mack pioneered the exploration of river surfing in which surfers ride standing waves created in rivers when a high volume of water is suddenly constricted or flows over or between large objects.

Mack grew up surfing in Southern California, but when he moved away from the coast, he discovered waves in rivers and canals. He has since gone on to surf more than 200 stationary waves in rivers around the world. Mack is constantly searching for and finding new surfable river waves. He was invited to Munich in April 2007 to participate in a documentary film on river surfing being produced by Bjorn Richie Lob, an award-winning filmmaker. Known as the birthplace of river surfing, Munich is home to the Eisbach, a tributary of the Isar River that produces a forceful permanent standing wave in the heart of the city. A surfing culture has developed around the wave.

"It was an honor for me to be recognized by the river surfing community in Munich and participate in the high performance level in surfing that is happening there," said Mack. "I am grateful to American Wave Machines for sponsoring me on these trips. American Wave Machines sees the future. They have a clear vision of what is going on with standing wave riding. They are not just limiting it to machines at waterparks, but are working on building artificial waves in rivers too."

Inspired by river waves, the SurfStream was introduced in 2006 as the first standing wave surf pool. SurfStream creates an open river of water where standing waves form up and away from subtle bottom contours. Riders at resorts, waterparks, sports events, and cruise ships can use real surf boards with fins to surf on a deep cushion of water that creates an endless wave. As in river surfing, surfers can ride the permanent wave as long as their endurance holds out, rather than move along with the wave as in ocean surfing.

"We support Eli and his efforts to promote river surfing because it's relevant to our technology and R&D as well as raising environmental awareness," said Bruce McFarland, president of AWM. "Eli has been a great friend and advocate of standing wave riding. He is a talented individual with an intuitive understanding of water and waves.

In 2005, American Wave Machines sponsored Mack's trip to surf the Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa, a powerful whitewater river that creates a large standing wave at certain times of the year. Mack surfed rapid number 11, also known as the Overland Truck Eater Wave, a barreling six to eight foot standing wave that has been a dream of his to surf since hearing about it in 1999. A video of Mack surfing the wave is available here:

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) develops artificial wave technology that replicates the experience of real ocean surfing. Its patented SurfStream[TM], the world's first standing wave machine, is a technology breakthrough that delivers real surfing and wave riding capabilities. Creating a deep water standing wave with natural cushion of water, SurfStream provides the most sought after surfing experience - "the long ride." The company also offers PerfectSwell[TM] and WindSwell[TM] wave generators. AWM surf technology is available for waterparks, surfparks, hotel resorts, and sponsored wave-riding exhibitions. For more information, visit

Note to Editors: Photos and videos available upon request.
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Date:Aug 14, 2007
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