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American TriTech installs VisiCAD for Fire/EMS computer-aided dispatch system based on Microsoft Windows NT at Denver Fire Department.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 4, 1996--

The dispatch system will help save lives by reducing response times

and enable the efficient allocation of both personnel and equipment


American TriTech, the leading developer of computer-aided dispatch systems for metro and wildland fire departments and the emergency medical services (EMS) industry, announced the installation of its computer-aided dispatch system, VisiCAD for Fire/EMS, at the Denver Fire Department, Denver.

Denver Fire Department will host a live demonstration of the new system at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at their combined communications center located at 950 Josephine Street, Denver, Colo. Denver city officials will be on hand for the demonstration.

The announcement marks American TriTech's first installation of the VisiCAD for Fire/EMS, Microsoft Windows NT-based CAD system in a U.S. metro fire department. The company is expected to announce other U.S. installations over the next quarter.

"VisiCAD for Fire/EMS was specifically designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of emergency fire dispatch," said Christopher Maloney, director of business development for American TriTech. "We look forward to bringing this advanced emergency dispatch solution to other metro and wildland fire departments."

Denver Fire Department, serving a population of more than 500,000 within a 165 square mile area, with more than 45 emergency vehicles, began their search for a computer-aided dispatch system earlier in the year. According to Capt. Carl Johnson of the Denver Fire Department, the VisiCAD system was selected for its flexibility and functionality.

Key capabilities included the system's on-screen maps for tracking the precise location of all fire units, its ability to automatically build dynamic response plans, and track personnel accountability.

"VisiCAD gives us the ability to identify the exact location of every fire unit throughout the city, so we can dispatch the closest appropriate unit to an incident," said Johnson. "This will significantly reduce our response times and save lives in the process."

According to Johnson, the VisiCAD system is also expected to save the department money by allowing it to allocate resources more efficiently. For instance, VisiCAD for Fire/EMS is the first CAD system to offer fire dispatchers the ability to automatically create fluid, dynamic response plans that determine the personnel and equipment resources that are sent to an incident.

"Before we purchased VisiCAD, we had to manually create our response plans, taking up to several weeks," said Johnson. "VisiCAD now does this for us in a matter of minutes."

Johnson noted additional cost savings in equipment. Because of VisiCAD's capabilities to identify both the personnel and equipment aboard each fire unit, dispatchers can strategically place specialized pieces of equipment, such as the "jaws of life," throughout the city. This avoids purchasing specialized equipment for every unit.

VisiCAD for Fire/EMS incorporates vehicle routing, high-resolution integrated mapping functionality, comprehensive graphical reports, and a fire and emergency medical triage system. Additional functionality integrated into the system include seasonal bump and cover, a fully integrated EMS capability, and records management for hydrant tracking, burn permits, CFIRS/NFIRS, and hazardous materials requirements.

Built around the reliable, scalable Microsoft Windows NT platform and the high-performance Microsoft SQL Server Database, the system gives dispatchers complete data access and control, and the redundancy and reliability required of mission-critical applications.

"Microsoft enjoys working with its industry partners, such as American TriTech, to provide leading end-to-end customer solutions to the public safety sector," said Ken Reeves, industry marketing manager, justice and public safety at Microsoft. "With its automatic vehicle location and integrated mapping features linked to the Microsoft SQL Server Database, the solution enables fire departments to deliver real results, quickly and economically."

Since 1993, American TriTech has successfully sold its computer-aided dispatch system to public safety agencies and private ambulance providers, including some of the largest private agencies in the United States. VisiCAD is currently installed in 50 sites in the United States, England, New Zealand and Canada. American TriTech provides 24 X 7 live customer support by a staff of trained dispatchers and automated software upgrade service.

With headquarters in San Diego, American TriTech develops, markets, and implements the most advanced computer software technology to fire departments and ambulance services, providing the tools to improve patient care, increase productivity, and streamline operations.

The company's products, VisiCAD for Fire/EMS, and VisiCAD for Ambulance, are revolutionary graphical computer-aided dispatch systems engineered to meet the demanding requirements of advanced deployment systems. -0- NOTE:

VisiCAD is a trademark of American TriTech.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Microsoft and Windows NT are registered trademarks in the United States and/or other countries. Point your browser to the Microsoft justice and public safety home page at

CONTACT: American TriTech, San Diego

Chris Maloney, 619/453-7000



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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 4, 1996
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