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American Tactical Apparel Battle Pants.

With American Tactical Apparel's Battle Pants, you can carry a handgun at approximately the same level as a tactical thigh holster but hidden under your pants. Here's how it works: First, ATA Battle Pants ($149) are a durable poly/cotton blend, made in the USA, and feature tons of pockets. But additionally the pants feature a hidden zipper on both the left and right thigh, providing access to, well, your leg, unless you're packing a gun or other gear riding in an ATA Underguard holster. This neoprene holster wraps around your thigh and attaches to the pants from the inside, providing a safe and secure means of carrying a handgun. All of that goes under the pants where it rides, unseen, until you bring it out.

Since the holster is neoprene, it stretches with your movements but retains its hold on the gun and never moves out of place, always keeping the stocks of the gun just underneath the zipper. The Battle Pants do a good job of allowing freedom of movement (like tactical pants should). Add an Underguard accessory holster on the opposite leg to carry spare magazines, a flashlight or even a second gun. Battle Pants wear comfortably, offering a hidden elastic waistband and accommodating a 2" belt. It's great to get concealed-carry guns out of the waistband where they can become uncomfortable but still have them readily accessible--literally right at hand. Battle Pants come in black, khaki, navy blue and olive drab green, in a truckload of sizes for both men and women. Find 'em under the Hoffner's brand name in our product index. For more info: www. index; (281) 855-8800

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Author:Kakkuri, Mark
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Date:Nov 1, 2015
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