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American Sports Development Announces GT Line of Markers.

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American Sports Development Group Inc. (OTCBB:ASDP) and Paintball Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, today announced the GT-line of markers (Paintball guns).

The GT line of markers is the successor to the original GT 2000, which has developed a reputation for its extremely durable design within the paintball industry.

The GTV1 is an extremely exciting unit that should lead the market with its $84.95 entry-level price point and, its flexibility. Unlike most all other entry-level markers, the GTV1 is designed to be easily upgraded with components from higher priced paintball markers that are widely available at upscale paintball stores.

The GTF (Field Master) is a marker that features a quick strip mechanism that allows the paintball field operator to disassemble the marker in just a few seconds. Combined with the proven durability of the GT design, the average field operator should see a significant reduction in labor cost from maintenance, compared with other paintball markers in the marketplace.

With a wholesale price that is $50 less than the most popular current field marker, Paintball Inc. hopes to have an important impact in the lucrative field rental marker business.

The GTVe (Electronic) paintball marker at retail price of $119.95 is one of the lowest price point markers in the industry for any marker that will fire 10+ balls per second. As with all GT markers the gun can easily be upgraded with industry standard attachments.

Company President and CEO William Fairbanks stated: "Our company vice president Doug Brown has been working on developing the new GTVe for well over a year. With a wholesale price that is significantly lower than just about any other electronic marker in the marketplace of comparable quality, we hope to be able to make inroads into the mass merchant and big box retailers. The marketplace is starting to demand the more sophisticated electronic-based markers that were, until recently, only available in much higher priced product."
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 11, 2003
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