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American Shogun: MacArthur, Hirohito and the American Duel with Japan.

American Shogun: MacArthur, Hirohito and the American Duel with Japan. Robert Harvey. John Murray. [pounds sterling]25.00. 480 pages. ISBN 0-7195-6484-0. This book is a 'dual biography' of Emperor Hirohito and General Douglas MacArthur in which Mr Harvey uses the two men's lives as vehicles for a history of Japanese-American relations during the twentieth century. Although there is no statement that the text was first published in the US, all spellings are American. MacArthur's role as virtual ruler of a defeated Japan showed that the United States could sometimes 'get it right' for the Japan that emerged in the 1950s was, apparently, a transformed country with a form of parliamentary government having replaced its militaristic ruling class. Mr Harvey concentrates on the period of Japan's reconstruction and on the battles between the egocentric MacArthur and the untried war criminal, Hirohito. Mr Harvey argues that in reality it was the Japanese who won the struggle, not MacArthur and the Americans: this was seen in the 1990 coronation of Hirohito's son and in Japan's recent attempts to become once again a player on the world stage. Even so, MacArthur emerges, at least in the author's eyes, as 'the last American hero'. (T.B.)
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Publication:Contemporary Review
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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