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American Residential Funding, Inc. Corporate Profile.

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- ARFG Books $1.3 Billion in Residential Loans Posting $65 Million in Revenues for Fiscal Year 2003 (FY ending 4-31-04)

American Residential Funding Group, Inc. (OTC.PK "ARFG") is a leading southern California based residential mortgage broker and banking concern. Fiscal Year 2003 ending April 31, 2004 the company reported over $1.3 Billion in loans funded generating over $65 million in revenue. For the First six month of Fiscal Year 2004 ending 10-31-04 the company booked over $1.1 Billion in loans representing over $25 million in revenues.

American Residential Funding is a nationwide mortgage banker and broker licensed to originate loans in over 30 states from over 70 branch locations. The company has 75 employees working in its Costa Mesa Headquarters. Additionally, the company employs 500 loan agents working exclusively originating loans for American Residential Funding. The company is entering its' seventh year in business. Total monthly loan production averages over $130,000,000 derived from closing approximately 600 home loans per month. 60% of these loans are refinances and 40% purchase loans.

Approximately 35% of the loans are considered "ALT-A" and "SUBPRIME", while over 65% are various types of ARM loans. The Branch Network consists of corporate and "NET" Branches. The "NET" Branches are joint ventures with managers, wherein AMRES receives a per-loan fee, and the Manager earns the profit. Corporate Branches include four retail offices and several Joint Relationships, wherein AMRES participates in the profits of the branch. Brokered loans earn AMRES a fee, averaging $450. When loans are run through the banking division, revenue per loan averages $2,000.

AMRES Mortgage Banking, a division of AMRES, provides mortgage banking to the branch network. AMRES Mortgage Banking is in the process of establishing relationships with other mortgage brokers to which AMRES will underwrite and fund their loans. Currently AMRES Mortgage Banking is funding $10,000,000 per months (about 30 loans), of which 90% is being sold to the AMRES correspondent lender Countrywide Funding. It is anticipated that Banking should be at $30,000,000 per month by the {THIRD} quarter of 2005.


American Residential Funding Inc. has assembled a seasoned management team comprised of very experienced veterans in the mortgage banking business.

Vince Rinehart, CEO. Mr. Rinehart has been the CEO of American Residential Funding since its' inception in 1997. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Former he was a stock broker with Merrill Lynch and has successfully operated businesses in real estate brokerage property management and mortgage banking industry.

David Villareal, COO. Mr Villareal has previously held senior management positions in major companies in the real estate, low income housing, commercial real estate finance, land acquisition, and was a field investigator for Section 8 Housing Auctions of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Venerado Toledo, CFO. Ms. Toledo was previously the Chief Financial Officer for Firstline Mortgage, Inc. for ten years before joining American Residential Funding, Inc. She is responsible for the day to day accounting and reporting activities of the company.

Joel Feinstein, General Counsel. Mr. Feinstein is a licensed California attorney with many years of experience working in the private practice of law and in senior legal positions in the mortgage industry

Max Rodriquez, Senior VP, Chief Credit Officer. Mr. Rodriquez has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry, previously holding senior positions with Express Capital Lending, Radian Guaranty, Inc., GE Mortgage Insurance, and Great American Bank.

Nila Ferguson, Chief Underwriting Officer. Over 30 years in mortgage industry, including holding an FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter designation from HUD. Previous employment including underwriting loans for Countrywide Home Loans.

Business Expansion Plans:

The following three areas will be a focus in 2005 to drive revenues, increase margins and improve profitability.





AMRES currently has a $10,000,000 (EXPANDABLE TO $20,000,000) warehouse line of credit to directly fund mortgage loans. These loans are eventually "sold" to loan buyers such as COUNTRYWIDE, SAXON and IMPACT. AMRES Mortgage Banking Division is aggressively seeking to fund loans originated from their own Branch Network.

The goal is to close $30,000,000 per month in loans of which 1/3 will be third party loans. Increasing these higher margin loans will dramatically improve the companies gross margin and profitability.


AMRES has developed strong marketing relationships with independent companies to drive more traffic and build loan volume for the company. The company currently has relationships to assist in generating new mortgage loan business with other financial institutions, real estate sales offices, homebuilders, consumer marketing concerns and other mortgage companies.


The US mortgage banking industry includes 6,000 firms with collective annual revenue that varies between $50 million and $80 billion. The industry includes savings banks such as Washington Mutual; non-bank mortgage bankers such as Countrywide Financial; and the mortgage banking subsidiaries of large commercial banks, such as Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Chase Home Finance, ABN Amro Mortgage, and Bank of America Mortgage.

The industry is fragmented at the bottom but highly concentrated at the top: according to Inside Mortgage Finance, the top 5 mortgage bankers hold close to 50 percent of the market. Some 400 mortgage bankers have annual revenue greater than $10 million.

The industry has large economies of scale. Big bankers can have annual revenue per employee of $300,000, while smaller ones may have less than $150,000. Small mortgage bankers can compete successfully by providing better customer service during the loan origination process, and by avoiding the costs associated with mortgage servicing and mortgage portfolio management.

Mortgage bankers lend money to homeowners, with the home serving as collateral. The loan is secured by a mortgage, which specifies the property that is the collateral, the interest rate at which the money is lent, a payment schedule the borrower agrees to, and the conditions under which the lender may take title to the collateral. Many different types of mortgages exist. The most common is the 30-year, fixed-rate with level payments; 15-year, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) and mortgages with variable payment schedules.


The mortgage banking business is backed by very large financial institutions and various governmental agencies. Large Cap industry standouts include; Bank of America (NYSE "BA"), Wells Fargo (NYSE ""), Washington Mutual (NYSE "WU"), Suntrust (NYSE ""), Wachovia (NYSE "") Chase Manhattan (NYSE ""), Citicorp (""), American Home Mortgage (NYSE ""), Golden West Financial (NYSE ""), Cendant Mortgage (NYSE "CTX"), American Express (NYSE "AXP"), Capstead Mortgage (NYSE "CMO"), Advanta (NYSE "ADVNA"), American Business (NYSE "ABFI"), Household International (NYSE "HI"), Novastar Financial (NYSE "NFI"), Fannie Mae (NYSE "FNM"), Freddie Mac (NYSE "FRE"), LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc (NYSE "LFG")

Forward-Looking Statements:

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 regarding future results of operations and market opportunities that are based on American Residential Funding's (ARFG) current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections about the Company and its industry. Investors are cautioned that actual results could differ materially from those anticipated by the forward-looking statements as a result of risks, competition and other factors. These factors, along with other potential risks and uncertainties are discussed in ARFG's reports, as well as the reports of Anza Capital, Inc., and other documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. ARFG assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking information contained in this news release and encourages all potential investors to do their own due diligence and suitability analysis before any investment is made.
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