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Articles from American Political Science Review (September 1, 1996)

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"Race Coding" and white opposition to welfare. Gilens, Martin 11378
Abortion Politics in the Federal Courts: Right versus Right. Woliver, Laura R. Book Review 963
Adam Smith's System of Liberty, Wealth, and Virtue: The Moral and Political Foundations of The Wealth of Nations. Fechner, Roger J. Book Review 975
America and the Persian Gulf: The Third Party Dimension in World Politics. Beyoghlow, K.A. Book Review 950
Assessing the dyadic nature of the democratic peace, 1918-88. Rousseau, David L.; Gelpi, Christopher; Reiter, Dan; Huth, Paul K. 18248
Can Democracies Fly in Space? The Challenge of Revitalizing the U.S. Space Program. Byerly, Radford, Jr. Book Review 997
Candidate Images in Presidential Elections. Stuckey, Mary E. Book Review 923
Cash, Crisis, and Corporate Governance: The Role of National Financial Systems in Industrial Restructuring. Zahariadis, Nikolaos Book Review 1210
Catholicism, Liberalism, and Communitarianism: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the Moral Foundations of Democracy. Chambers, Simone Book Review 1260
Closure in International Politics: The Impact of Strategy, Blocs, and Empires. Rhodes, Carolyn Book Review 1788
Collective Insecurity: U.S. Defense Policy and the New World Disorder. Martel, William C. Book Review 941
Communication in Congress: Members, Staff, and the Search for Information. Bimber, Bruce Book Review 1148
Culture/Flesh: Explorations of Postcivilized Modernity. Love, Nancy S. Book Review 857
Democracy and International Conflict: An Evaluation of the Democratic Peace Proposition. Dixon, William J. Book Review 1248
Democracy and Technology. Jasanoff, Sheila Book Review 1018
Democracy, Education, and the Schools. Galston, William A. Book Review 880
Democratic Reform and the Position of Women in Transitional Economies. Jancar-Webster, Barbara Book Review 1207
Deng Xiaoping: Portrait of a Chinese Statesman. Quansheng Zhao Book Review 1458
Diplomacy in the Former Soviet Republics. Chafetz, Glenn Book Review 1304
Dynamics of cosponsorship. Kessler, Daniel; Krehbiel, Keith 9808
Elusive Peace: Negotiating an End to Civil Wars. Weiss, Thomas G. Book Review 1027
Embedded Autonomy: States and Industrial Transformation. Kohli, Atul Book Review 594
Everybody's Children: Child Care as a Public Problem. Waldfogel, Jane Book Review 1120
Experts and Politicians: Reform Challenges to Machine Politics in New York, Cleveland, and Chicago. Stone, Clarence N. Book Review 1009
Feminist Interpretations of Hannah Arendt. Isaac, Jeffrey C. Book Review 1151
Flirting with Disaster: Public Management in Crisis Situations. Comfort, Louise K. Book Review 1029
Fragile Democracies: The Legacies of Authoritarian Rule. Aquino, Belinda A. Book Review 1261
Free Markets and Food Riots: The Politics of Global Adjustment. Nelson, Joan M. Book Review 984
Fundamentalism Comprehended. Rapoport, David C. Book Review 1568
Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft. Markovits, Andrei S. Book Review 1150
Government Survival in Parliamentary Democracies. Strom, Kaare Book Review 1019
Greening Environmental Policy: The Politics of a Sustainable Future. Litfin, Karen T. Book Review 1550
History, historiography, and political science: multiple historical records and the problem of selection bias. Lustick, Ian S. 13483
Human Rights and Reform: Changing the Face of North African Politics. Anderson, Lisa Book Review 978
Immigrants and Nationalists: Ethnic Conflict and Accommodation in Catalonia, the Basque Country, Latvia, and Estonia. Esman, Milton J. Book Review 806
In Pursuit of the White House: How We Choose Our Presidential Nominees. Barilleaux, Ryan J. Book Review 750
Indigenous Peoples and Democracy in Latin America. Selbin, Eric Book Review 1003
International Organizations and Ethnic Conflict. Midlarsky, Manus I. Book Review 1074
Jacques Delors and European Integration. Hurwitz, Leon Book Review 925
Leo Strauss and Nietzsche. Andrew, Edward Book Review 1141
Liberalism Without Illusions: Essays on Liberal Theory and the Political Vision of Judith N. Shklar. Flathman, Richard E. Book Review 1267
Metaphysics as Rhetoric: Alfarabi's Summary of Plato's Laws. Lutz, Mark J. Book Review 2047
Mexican American Youth Organization: Avant Garde of the Chicano Movement in Texas. Marquez, Benjamin Book Review 876
Mexico Faces the 21st Century. Klesner, Joseph L. Book Review 977
Narrative Policy Analysis: Theory and Practice. Lester, Charles Book Review 1173
Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Identity: Cross-National and Comparative Perspectives. Safran, William Book Review 1009
Nietzsche: The Ethics of an Immoralist. Detwiler, Bruce Book Review 914
Optimal Imperfection? Domestic Uncertainty and Institutions in International Relations. Morgan, T. Clifton Book Review 1152
Paradoxes of Gender. Carver, Terrell Book Review 989
Perpetuating the Pork Barrel: Policy Subsystems and American Democracy. Strom, Gerald Book Review 820
Plato's Statesman: The Web of Politics. Lutz, Mark J. Book Review 2041
Plato's World: Man's Place in the Cosmos. Bruell, Christopher Book Review 1110
Pluralism, Justice, and Equality. Eisenberg, Avigail I. Book Review 1614
Poetic Justice: The Literary Imagination and Public Life. Beer, Francis A. Book Review 690
Policymaking for Conservation in Latin America: National Parks, Reserves, and the Environment. Silva, Edouardo Book Review 1229
Political Culture and Civil Society in Russia and the New States of Eurasia. Bova, Russell Book Review 1130
Political inclusion and the dynamics of democratization. Dryzek, John S. 12940
Political Judgement: Structure and Process. Kuklinski, James H. Book Review 1099
Political Philosophy and the Human Soul: Essays in Honour of Allan Bloom. Frohock, Fred M. Book Review 1031
Politics, Sociology, and Social Theory: Encounters with Classical and Contemporary Social Thought. Little, Daniel Book Review 1920
Post-Passage Politics: Bicameral Resolution in Congress. Oleszek, Walter J. Book Review 911
Power in Struggle: Feminism, Sexuality, and the State. Bickford, Susan Book Review 1668
Presidential Polls and the News Media. Lichter, S. Robert Book Review 955
Professionals Against Populism: The Peres Government and Democracy. Slater, Jerome Book Review 1366
Proportional Representation and Election Reform in Ohio. Stephens, V. Jerone Book Review 1047
Reconstructing Political Pluralism. Bathory, Dennis Book Review 1146
Regulation in the Reagan-Bush Era: The Eruption of Presidential Influence. Waterman, Richard W. Book Review 886
Rights. Donnelly, Jack Book Review 926
Russians in the Former Soviet Republics. Karklins, Rasma Book Review 1044
Saving the Constitution from the Courts. McDowell, Gary L. Book Review 959
Serving God and mammon: the Lockean sympathy in early American political thought. Dienstag, Joshua Foa 15899
Social Justice and Political Change: Public Opinion in Capitalist and Post-Capitalist States. Elliot, Euel Book Review 1022
Soviet Workers and the Collapse of Perestroika: The Soviet Labour Process and Gorbachev's Reforms, 1985-1991. Slider, Darrell Book Review 945
Strategic policy considerations and voting fluidity on the Burger Court. Maltzman, Forrest; Wahlbeck, Paul J. 11956
The Barbarism of Reason: Max Weber and the Twilight of Enlightenment. Sciulli, David Book Review 1571
The Brazilian Voter: Mass Politics in Democratic Transition, 1974-1986. Pereira, Anthony W. Book Review 1298
The Clash with Distant Cultures: Values, Interests and Force in American Foreign Policy. Campbell, David Book Review 1241
The Clinton Presidency: First Appraisals. Thomas, Norman C. Book Review 1186
The Crisis of the Italian State: From the Origins of the Cold War to the Fall of Berlusconi. Weinberg, Leonard Book Review 1752
The Death of Socrates and the Life of Philosophy. Lutz, Mark J. Book Review 2047
The dynamics of aggregate partisanship. Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M.; Smith, Renee M. 11178
The Elements of Social Theory. Little, Daniel Book Review 1917
The Eritrean Struggle for Independence: Domination, Resistance, Nationalism, 1941-1993. Keller, Edmond J. Book Review 1091
The Foundation of Merit: Public Service in American Democracy. Arnold, Peri E. Book Review 1124
The Future of the Space Industry: Private Enterprise and Public Policy. Goldman, Nathan C. Book Review 840
The Global Expansion of Judicial Power. Waltman, Jerry Book Review 1059
The Growth of American Government: Governance from the Cleveland Era to the Present. Goodsell, Charles T. Book Review 1122
The Handbook of Experimental Economics. Williams, Kenneth C. Review 1151
The Legacies of Communism in Eastern Europe. Bernhard, Michael Book Review 932
The Making of Foreign Policy in Russia and the New States of Eurasia. Chafetz, Glenn Book Review 1313
The Myth of Democratic Failure: Why Political Institutions Are Efficient. Weingast, Barry R. Book Review 847
The New Untouchables: Immigration and the New World Worker. Messina, Anthony M. Book Review 846
The Nixon Administration and the Making of U.S. Nuclear Strategy. Mlyn, Eric Book Review 1314
The Permanence of the Political: A Democratic Critique of the Radical Impulse to Transcend Politics. Barber, Benjamin Book Review 1382
The Politics of Democratic Consolidation: Southern Europe in Comparative Perspective. Baloyra, Enrique A. Book Review 1105
The Politics of Global Atmospheric Change. Litfin, Karen T. Book Review 1546
The Politics of Historical Vision: Marx, Foucault, Habermas. White, Stephen K. Book Review 835
The Rebirth of Russian Democracy: An Interpretation of Political Culture. Brown, Archie Book Review 1373
The Third World in Global Environmental Politics. Batabyal, Amitrajeet A. Book Review 867
The Voice of the People: Public Opinion and Democracy. Shapiro, Robert Y. Book Review 1064
The Workers' Movement in Russia. Slider, Darrell Book Review 502
Towards a New Europe: Stops and Starts in Regional Integration. Leonardi, Robert Book Review 888
Towards Illiberal Democracy in Pacific Asia. Marlay, Ross Book Review 743
Turning Right in the Sixties: The Conservative Capture of the GOP. Connelly, William F., Jr. Book Review 838
U.S. Civil-Military Relations: In Crisis or Transition? Sarkesian, Sam C. Book Review 1046
Value Change in Global Perspective. Duch, Raymond M. Book Review 1008
Women in the Latin American Development Process. Jalali, Rita Book Review 1052

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