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Articles from American Political Science Review (June 1, 1996)

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A dynamic theory of collective goods program. Baron, David P. 14094
Adaptive signal processing, hierarchy, and budgetary control in federal regulation. Carpenter, Daniel P. 14073
Argentina's Lost Patrol: Armed Struggle, 1969-1979. Norden, Deborah L. Book Review 990
Between Reform and Revolution: Political Struggles in the Peruvian Andes. McClintock, Cynthia Book Review 1056
Beyond Confrontation: Learning Conflict Resolution in the Post-Cold War Era. Ross, Marc Howard Book Review 1052
British Politics and European Elections 1994. Keating, Michael Book Review 697
But Is It True? A Citizen's Guide to Environmental Health and Safety Issues. Jenkins-Smith, Hank C. Book Review 1101
Buying supermajorities. Groseclose, Tim; Snyder, James M. Jr. 14059
Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss: The Hidden Dialogue. Drury, Shadia Book Review 1176
Conceptual Foundations for Multidisciplinary Thinking. Brown, Courtney Book Review 905
Corruption and State Politics in Sierra Leone. Riddell, Barry Book Review 719
Cross-Level Inference. Brady, Henry E. Book Review 1779
Democracy from Below: New Social Movements and the Political System in West Germany. Dalton, Russell J. Book Review 701
Democracy, Dialogue, and Environmental Disputes: The Contested languages of Social Regulation. Press, Daniel Book Review 1112
Democratization and Social Settlements: The Politics of Change in Contemporary Portugal. Opello, Walter C. Jr. Book Review 1393
Designer Politics: How Elections Are Won. King, Anthony Book Review 853
Divided Waters: Bridging the U.S.-Mexico Border. Mumme, Stephen P. Book Review 521
East Asia in Transition: Toward a New Regional Order. Crone, Donald Book Review 824
Economic Democracy: The Politics of Feasible Socialism. Bachrach, Peter Book Review 1024
Economic Reform and Democracy. Henderson, Anne E. Book Review 1843
Energy Possibilities: Rethinking Alternatives and the Choice-Making Process. Lawrence, Robert M. Book Review 969
Ethics, Killing and War. Holmes, Robert L. Book Review 858
Facing Up to the American Dream: Race, Class, and the Soul of the Nation. Feagin, Joe R. Book Review 1103
Feminist Generations: The Persistence of the Radical Women's Movement. McGlen, Nancy E. Book Review 1078
Financing the 1992 Elections. Sorauf, Frank J. Book Review 980
From Leningrad to St. Petersburg: Democratization in a Russian City. Hahn, Jeffrey W. Book Review 1086
From republic to empire: political revolution and the common good in Xenophon's Education of Cyrus. Nadon, Christopher 14408
Governing the White House: From Hoover through LBJ. Henderson, Phillip G. Book Review 1017
Government Lawyers: The Federal Legal Bureaucracy and Presidential Politics. Kritzer, Herbert M. Book Review 1676
Health Care Politics and Policy in America. Rhodes, Robert P. Book Review 780
Households: On the Moral Architecture of the Economy. Meikle, Scott Book Review 1024
Ideology and Educational Reform: Themes and Theories in Public Education. Salveker, Stephen G. Book Review 1377
In Washington But Not of It: The Prophetic Politics of Religious Lobbyists. Hertzke, Allen D. Book Review 1001
Institutionalizing the public interest: the defense of deadlock and beyond. Goodin, Robert E. 13041
Jerusalem and Athens: Reason and Revelation in the Works of Leo Strauss. Palmer, Michael Book Review 1244
Liberty, equality, receptive generosity: neo-Nietzschean reflections on the ethics and politics of coalition. Coles, Romand 14198
Making social science work across space and time: a critical reflection on Robert Putnam's Making Democracy Work. Tarrow, Sidney 8761
Marxism and the Leap to the Kingdom of Freedom: the Rise and Fall of the Communist Utopia. Thomas, Paul Book Review 1027
Moral Voices, Moral Selves: Carol Gilligan and Feminist Moral Theory. Weir, Sara Book Review 902
Mothers in Law: Feminist Theory and the Legal Regulation of Motherhood. Davis, Sue Book Review 1009
Multicultural Citizenship. Taylor, Charles McArthur Book Review 1154
Multilateral Negotiations: Lessons from Arms Control, Trade and the Environment. Zartman, I. William Book Review 732
Nationalism and Nationalities in the New Europe. Rothchild, Donald Book Review 1055
Nativism Reborn? The Official English Language Movement and the American States. Schmidt, Ronald, Sr. Book Review 1260
On Security. Onuf, Nicholas Book Review 1082
Perspectives on the Politics of Abortion. Borrelli, MaryAnne Book Review 901
Political Style: The Artistry of Power. Nelson, John S. Book Review 1109
Poor People's Social Movement Organizations: The Goal is to Win. Imig, Douglas R. Book Review 1075
Presidential Campaign Discourse: Strategic Communication Problems. West, Darrell M. Book Review 695
Presidential Leadership and Civil Rights Policy. Graham, Hugh Davis Book Review 855
Public Opinion and the Communication of Consent. Marcus, George E. Book Review 1142
Reconceiving Decision-Making in Democratic Politics: Attention, Choice, and Public Policy. Rundquist, Barry Book Review 843
Recovered Roots: Collective Memory and the Making of Israeli National Tradition. Aronoff, Myron J. Book Review 1089
Redefining the Egyptian Nation, 1930-1945. Mitchell, Timothy P. Book Review 794
Remaking the Italian Economy. Heellman, Stephen Book Review 1006
Russia In Search of Its Future. White, Stephen Book Review 948
Scientism and Humanism: Two Cultures in Post-Mao China, 1978-1989. Pye, Lucian W. Book Review 1179
Self-Rule: A Cultural History of American Democracy. Hargrove, Erwin C. Book Review 1030
Stare Indecisis: The Alteration of Precedent on the Supreme Court, 1946-1992. Ulmer, S. Sidney Book Review 1132
States and Economic Development: A Comparative Historical Analysis. Evans, Peter Book Review 1092
The Cambridge Companion to Habermas. Best, Steven Book Review 1566
The Conundrum of Class: Public Discourse on the Social Order in America. Katznelson, Ira Book Review 973
The duration of interstate wars, 1816-1985. Bennett, D. Scott; Stam, Allan C., III 15706
The European Union and the Regions. Anderson, Jeffrey Book Review 885
The Greening of Protestant Thought. Haught, John F. Book Review 982
The Labor Wars in Cordoba, 1955-1976: Ideology, Work, and Labor Politics in an Argentine Industrial City. Ranis, Peter Book Review 1159
The Making of Portuguese Democracy. Opello, Walter C. Jr. Book Review 1393
The Moral Theory of Poststucturalism. Pickett, Brent L. Book Review 1162
The New Ecological Order. DesJardins, Joseph R. Book Review 1071
The New Social Contract: America's Journey from Welfare State to Police State. Howard, Christopher Book Review 898
The origin of the counter-Enlightenment: Rousseau and the new religion of sincerity. Melzer, Arthur M. 16842
The Political Economy of Democratic Transitions. Henderson, Anne E. Book Review 1843
The Political Economy of Policy Coordination: International Adjustment since 1945. Milner, Helen Book Review 586
The Price of Federalism. Chubb, John E. Book Review 985
The puzzle of Indian Democracy: a consociational interpretation. Lijphartt, Arend 10830
The Rebel's Dilemma. Gill, Anthony G. Book Review 1094
The Speaker's Electoral Connection: Willie Brown and the California Assembly. Soherr-Hadwiger, David Book Review 947
The The Fragility of Freedom: Tocqueville on Religion, Democracy and the American Future. Zuckert, Michael P. Book Review 1225
The Transformation of Italian Communism. Blackmer, Donald L.M. Book Review 1292
The Two Majorities: The Issue Context of Modern American Politics. Smith, Eric R.A.N. Book Review 813
The vote of confidence in parliamentary democracies. Huber, John D. 14142
The Workers of Nations: Industrial Relations in a Global Economy. Pontusson, Jonas Book Review 1000
Theories and Narratives: Reflections on the Philosophy of History. Dienstag, Joshua Foa Book Review 1097
Theories of Urban Politics. Ferman, Barbara Book Review 1210
Theory and Practice: Nomos XXXVII. Gunnell, John G. Book Review 1014
Trading Up: Consumer and Environmental Regulation in a Global Economy. Caldwell, Lynton Keith Book Review 1055
Trustworthy Government: Leadership and Management Strategies for Building Trust and High Performance. Thompson, Frank J. Book Review 843
United States Policy in Latin America: A Decade of Crisis and Challenge. LeoGrande, William M. Book Review 1117
Urban Innovation: Creative Strategies for Turbulent Times. Stein, Robert M. Book Review 1375
Why the Cold War Ended: A Range of Interpretations Quester, George H. Book Review 807
Working People of California. Mendel-Reyes, Meta Book Review 1524

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