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Articles from American Political Science Review (December 1, 1994)

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"The slow boring of hard boards": methodical thinking and the work of politics. Dietz, Mary G. 12437
Against the Market: Political Economy, Market Socialism and the Marxist Critique. Schwartz, Justin Book Review 1146
Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns, 1952-1992. Delli, Carpini, Michael X. Book Review 1999
Athens on Trial: The Antidemocratic Tradition in Western Thought. Saxonhouse, Arlene W. Book Review 1445
Beyond Charity: International Cooperation and the Global Refugee Crisis. Forsythe, David P. Book Review 938
Bitter Fruit: Black Politics and the Chicago Machine, 1931-1991. Tabb, David H. Book Review 980
Burying Uncertainty: Risk and the Case Against Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste. Gillroy, John Martin Book Review 923
Comparative democracy: the economic development thesis. Burkhart, Ross E.; Lewis-Beck, Michael S. 7236
Congress, the President, and Policymaking: A Historical Analysis. Spitzer, Robert J. Book Review 1003
Cooperative Pluralism: The National Coal Policy Experiment. Jones, Bryan D. Book Review 1030
Corporate Political Agency: The Construction of Competition in Public Affairs. Munger, Michael C. Book Review 973
Crafting Equality: America's Anglo-African Word. Dolan, Frederick M. Book Review 1145
Decision and Interaction in Crisis: A Model of International Crisis Behavior. Huth, Paul K. Book Review 837
Democracy in the Caribbean: Myths and Realities. Sandstrom, Harald M. Book Review 2625
Divided government, fiscal institutions, and budget deficits: evidence from the states. Alt, James E.; Lowry, Robert C. 11473
Does attack advertising demobilize the electorate? Ansolabehere, Stephen; Iyengar, Shanto; Simon, Adam; Valentino, Nicholas 7614
Double-Edged Diplomacy: International Bargaining and Domestic Politics. Midlarsky, Manus I. Book Review 1325
Echoes of Discontent: Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, and the Resurgence of Populism. Lienesch, Michael Book Review 1051
Explaining Political Disagreement. Frohock, Fred M. Book Review 1150
Federal Policymaking and the Poor: National Goals, Local Choices, and Distributional Outcomes. Weir, Margaret Book Review 998
Feminist Theory and International Relations in a Post-Modern Era. Weber, Cynthia Book Review 1094
Foreign Relations and Federal States. Hagan, Joe D. Book Review 1077
Francis Bacon and the Project of Progress. Flaumenhaft, Harvey Book Review 1384
From Bundesrepublik to Deutschland: German Politics After Unification. Patterson, W. David Book Review 1422
From Outrage to Action: The Politics of Grass-Roots Dissent. Chong, Dennis Book Review 1487
From Protest to Politics: The New Black Voters in American Elections. Pinderhughes, Dianne M. Book Review 1936
Grasping the Democratic Peace: Principles for a Post-Cold War World. Nincic, Miroslav Book Review 837
Hannah Arendt: Politics, History, and Citizenship. Orlie, Melissa A. Book Review 1001
Hegemony and Power: On the Relation Between Gramsci and Machiavelli. Watkins, Evan Book Review 1168
Hemmed In: Responses to Africa's Economic Decline. Lewis, Peter M. Book Review 2095
Ideas and Foreign Policy: Beliefs, Institutions, and Political Change. Wendt, Alexander Book Review 1062
International Migration and Security. Loescher, Gil Book Review 1095
Justice and the Genesis of War. Dessler, David Book Review 870
Kant's Theory of Justice. Shell, Susan Meld Book Review 925
Language Repertoires and State Construction in Africa. Young, Crawford Book Review 874
Localizing Foreign Policy: Non-Central Governments and Multilayered Diplomacy. Piper, Don C. Book Review 687
Media and Public Policy. West, Darrell M. Book Review 915
Morality, Prudence, and Nuclear Weapons. Shue, Henry Book Review 879
Orpheus and Power: The Movimento Negro of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, 1945-1988. Munck, Gerardo L. Book Review 1319
Paradigms and Barriers: How Habits of Mind Govern Scientific Beliefs. Nelson, John S. Book Review 781
Patricide and the plot of 'The Prince': Cesare Borgia and Machiavelli's Italy. Scott, John T.; Sullivan, Vickie B. 13095
Politician's Dilemma: Building State Capacity in Latin America. Mainwaring, Scott Book Review 1171
Politics in the Portuguese Empire: The State, Industry, and Cotton, 1926-1974. Graham, Lawrence S. Book Review 803
Politics, Feminism, and the Reformation of Gender. Fowler, Linda L. Book Review 1058
Question form and context effects in the measurement of partisanship: experimental tests of the artifact hypothesis. Abramson, Paul R.; Ostrom, Charles W. 8974
Recasting Conservatism: Oakeshott, Strauss, and the Response to Postmodernism. Smith, Steven B. Book Review 1430
Regime Theory and International Relations. Mingst, Karen A. Book Review 922
Regulation in the White House: The Johnson Presidency. Khademian, Anne M. Book Review 1118
Religious Nationalism: Hindus and Muslims in India. Juergensmeyer, Mark Book Review 1197
Report from the laboratory: the influence of institutions on political elites' democratic values in Germany. Rohrschneider, Robert 9686
Repression of human rights to personal integrity in the 1980s: a global analysis. Poe, Steven C.; Tate, C. Neal 11641
Republic of Signs: Liberal Theory and American Popular Culture. Flathman, Richard E. Book Review 1749
Riding waves or making waves? The services and the U.S. defense budget, 1981-1993. Lebovic, James H. 8140
Running as a Woman: Gender and Power in American Politics. Carroll, Susan J. Book Review 1646
Soldiers and Politics in Eastern Europe: 1945-1990: The Case of Hungary. Perlmutter, Amos Book Review 605
State Government and Economic Performance. Eisinger, Peter Book Review 1140
The Best Defense: Policy Alternatives for U.S. Nuclear Security from the 1950s to the 1990s. Vogele, William B. Book Review 842
The Constitution and the Courts: Law or Politics? Lasser, William Book Review 1452
The Constitution of Judicial Power. Brubaker, Stanley C. Book Review 1449
The determinants of industry political activity, 1978-1986. Grier, Kevin B.; Munger, Michael C.; Roberts, Brian E. 10296
The Economic Foundations of Government. Kelman, Steven Book Review 1342
The Elite Connection: Problems and Potential of Western Democracy. Burton, Michael G. Book Review 983
The Health of Nations: Public Opinion and the Making of American and British Health Policy. Smith, Steven Rathgeb Book Review 1229
The Learning of Liberty: The Educational Ideas of the American Founders. Faulkner, Robert K. Book Review 1824
The Limits of Safety: Organizations, Accidents, and Nuclear Weapons. Woodhouse, E.J. Book Review 1247
The Limits of State Autonomy: Societal Groups and Foreign Policy Formation. Everts, Philip P. Book Review 1109
The Making of American Exceptionalism: The Knights of Labor and Class Formation in the Nineteenth Century. Dubofsky, Melvyn Book Review 1104
The Morning After: Sexual Politics at the End of the Cold War. Sylvester, Christine Book Review 1264
The Partial Constitution. Roelofs, H. Mark Book Review 1150
The Politics of Community: A Feminist Critique of the Liberal-Communitarian Debate. Held, Virginia Potter Book Review 1328
The Politics of Economic Stagnation in the Soviet Union: The Role of Local Party Organs in Economic Management. Roeder, Philip G. Book Review 940
The Portuguese Military and the State: Rethinking Transitions in Europe and Latin America. Wiarda, Howard J. Book Review 1005
The President and the Parties: The Transformation of the American Party System Since the New Deal. Arnold, Peri E. Book Review 1159
The Rise of Meso Government in Europe. Hocking, Brian Book Review 954
The Rising Tide of Cultural Pluralism: The Nation-State at Bay? Rothchild, Donald Book Review 772
The Sources of Social Power, vol. 2, The Rise of Classes and Nation-States: 1760-1914. Tarrow, Sidney Book Review 1175
The White House Speaks: Presidential Leadership as Persuasion. Hart, Roderick P. Book Review 978
To Make a Nation: The Rediscovery of American Federalism. Elazar, Daniel J. Book Review 1167
Unsettled States, Disputed Lands: Britain and Ireland, France and Algeria, Israel and the West Bank-Gaza. Ross, Marc Howard Book Review 1471
Vietnam: The Politics of Bureaucratic Socialism. Pike, Douglas Eugene Book Review 1273

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