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American Nurses Association House of delegates meeting report.


Eve Hoygaard, MS, RN, WHNP-BC

President, Colorado Nurses Association

The ANA House of Delegates (HOD) meeting was held on June 25, 26, and 27th, 2008 in Washington, D.C. The Colorado Delegates included Eve Hoygaard, CNA President, and elected Delegates: Linda Krebs, Carol Roehrs, CJ Cullinan, Phyllis Graham-Dickerson, Mary Kershner, and Carol O'Meara. Critical By-Laws changes had been proposed by ANA, thus there was considerable discussion. The Colorado delegation had prepared prior to the session by attending an orientation meeting to provide members with information needed in serving effectively as a delegate. Weekly e-mails were sent by ANA to keep all delegates informed and to provide opportunity for input. Serving as a delegate involves personal commitment. I would like to thank each delegate for agreeing to serve at the ANA HOD. With a full schedule, meetings did start at 6:00AM. That is commitment!

ANA HOD "Through My Eyes"

by CJ Cullinan, RN BSN CRRN

As a Colorado Delegate to the ANA House of Delegates (HOD), I learned a lot about our national organization, those involved, and topics of support and discussion. I was not able to attend the Day at the Capitol, but did sign up for the ANA-PAC (Political Action Committee) events. This allowed some great time to meet nurses from other states and learn of their concerns. We checked into the House of Delegates with photo identification and our ANA membership card. This was very serious stuff. Our nametags were marked with colored ribbons noting whether we were delegates, past board members, current board and committee members, state officers, executive directors, and donors to the PAC.

The HOD began after lunch with introductions, appreciation expressed to committees and their chairs, and an explanation of the agenda and the standing rules of the house. Over 500 nurses from across the country and its territories were represented and active in discussion. By-laws were discussed first and seemed the slowest in moving forward--concentration on the exact wording left some of us intellectually fatigued. Robert's Rules of Order kept everyone in line. I learned the meanings of the letters, CMA (Constituent Member Associations). The Colorado Nurses Association is a CMA.

ANA formalized our separation from the United American Nurses (UAN--union) and the Center for American Nurses (CAN--workplace advocacy). This created some division and the Michigan delegation walked out stating that they felt a lack of support. The union membership has created some issues with ANA's operations over the years, but the formal delineation was made at this HOD. Our President, Becky Patton, respectfully requested their return in recognition of their contributions. A non-union delegate was allowed to remain and a previously uncredentialed alternate was credentialed to attend the HOD. Both received overwhelming support from all of us.

We were honored to have Sen. Hillary Clinton as a speaker thanking and encouraging us to support our patients and to continue our work for effective, efficient, and inclusive healthcare. Sen. Barack Obama called in and spoke of our nation's need to concentrate on healthcare and not disease-care.


During the last day's work focused on the Reference Reports. These are recommendations for policy action and vision for ANA. All fourteen were passed, including one stating ANA's position against the negative consequences of the American Medical Society's proposed resolutions to restrict Advanced Practice Nurses Scope of Practice. (Please read the articles by other Delegates for more detail)

I was truly fortunate to witness and participate as a professional with my colleagues. We assisted in defining and directing the energy and resources of ANA in a unified awareness where we're all working to improve the care of our patients.

Action Reports--ANA House of Delegates 2008

by Carol Roehrs, ANA Delegate

The Action Reports are proposals that present information on an issue (Whereas ...) and propose actions to be taken by the ANA in regard to the issue (be it resolved that ...). These proposals can be drafted by Constituent Member Associations (state nurses' associations), ANA committees or the ANA Board of Directors. They are sent to the Reference Committee for review and approval to be included in the House of Delegates (HOD) agenda. This process assures that the Action Reports are distributed to all the CMAs and delegates so that they can be discussed before the HOD convenes, and a state perspective may be determined. Informational discussions for ANA delegates are also held online for several months before the HOD. Emergency motions (the issue was not present earlier) may be brought just before the HOD or made from the floor of the House; to be heard, something like 97% of the House must be in support of discussing the motion.

At the 2008 HOD, 12 action reports were presented by the Reference Committee and one emergency item was added. These reports fall into several categories: health policy, education, and ANA processes.

Health Policy:

Consistent with the historical and present mandate for the ANA to push for resolving public health issues and to support social policy initiatives that impact the health of people, the majority of the Action Reports fell into this category. ANA was directed to advocate for and support legislation, education and other actions pertinent to these public health issues. Please contact your District leaders or the office of the Colorado Nurses Association for details.

1) access to oral care for the elderly;

2) availability of food that is free of additives, hormones and antibiotics, especially in health care settings;

3) development of sustainable energy sources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that may contribute to global climate change and its effect on humans;

4) presence of human trafficking and its consequences;

5) presence of intimate partner violence and its consequences. Several Action Reports targeted existing national policies that impact the health of the public:

6) availability of health care for veterans

7) protection and strengthening Social Security

8) protection and enhancement of Medicare

9) choice to eliminate of the Chief Nurse Officer position in the American Red Cross.


10) Consistent with the historical position of ANA which advocates baccalaureate education for RNs, the ANA is to support initiatives which require RNs to obtain a BSN within 10 years of first licensure while grandfathering in those RNs who are currently licensed or already in school.

11) advocation for nurse residency programs and other initiatives that support the integration of new graduates into practice, and support research efforts to determine how best to support new grads, toward the goals of increased retention and improved clinical performance.

ANA processes:

12) revision of HOD hearings process on bylaws amendments and action reports

13) development of criteria for Labor and Workforce Advocacy Affiliates, which was necessary to implement the Bylaws change that was passed. UAN and other unions, and the Center for American Nurses and other workplace advocacy groups, will now interact with ANA through this committee. A tentative date of Dec 2009 has been set for all union activities to be moved out of ANA, subject to continued negotiation.

Final comments:

The Action Reports were focused on issues consistent with the ANA strategic plan and organizational goals, and were mostly high profile health policy proposals. I was very impressed with the participation and preparation that had been done by a number of the Constituent Member Associations. New York and ANA-California both initiated 3-4 Action Reports, with 5 other states each sending one. At the HOD, certain state delegations knew which "be it resolved" statements they opposed and had prepared amendments to be presented in the proper fashion. They knew how to send delegates to the microphones to speak about the Action Reports and their amendments. They had Robert's Rules down pat, which allowed things to go fairly smoothly under the guidance of ANA President Becky Patton. It took a long time to get through all the Bylaws changes and Action Reports, and there were relatively few episodes of confusion related to parliamentary procedure. These are goals to which we all can aspire as we prepare for our Colorado Nurses Association House of Delegates in November.

ANA Bylaws Changes Simplify Structure

by Carol O'Meara, ANA Delegate

Several amendments to the ANA Bylaws were passed at the June 25-27 meeting of the ANA House of Delegates. The proposals for change were aimed at creating the preferred future for ANA and strengthening the state nurses associations.

The ANA Board had previously agreed not to renew affiliation agreements with United American Nurses (UAN) and The Center for American Nurses (The Center), therefore the section in the bylaws which referred to these groups as Associate Organizational Members was deleted. However, as part of its vision of unifying the profession, ANA wants to have as many nurses and nursing organizations connected to the association as possible. Labor Affiliates and Workplace Advocacy Affiliates were added to the bylaws to provide a place for connection for the UAN and The Center if they are interested in a new type of affiliation with ANA. These nonexclusive categories will enable ANA to work with other labor organizations and workforce advocacy groups. Bylaws language which mandated that those Constituent Member Associations (CMA's) which engage in collective bargaining must belong to the UAN was removed, permitting greater flexibility for those CMA's.

The current category of Organizational Affiliates remains in the bylaws, and the definition was expanded to clarify that these affiliates do not take action counter to the interests of ANA or any of the CMA's. Feeling that ANA should represent only RNs, the proposal to include organizations representing LPNs/LVNs as affiliates was defeated. The proposal to offer individual affiliation to LPNs/LVNs was also defeated.

A provision to allow for electronic balloting was adopted, as well as a provision to allow convening of Special Meetings of the House of Delegates by other than face to face means. A proposal to adopt a President Elect system was defeated. A seat on the ANA Board for a recent graduate was approved. Multi-State Nurses Associations will be allowed three delegates for each state or territory of the multi-state association.

While a tedious process, amendment of the bylaws by the ANA House of Delegates resulted in a more flexible structure intended to allow ANA to accomplish more of its essential work. Some of these changes will require changes in the Colorado Nurses Association Bylaws. These proposals will be brought to the CNA House of Delegates at the November 8, 2008 meeting.

Center for American Nurses Reports by Delegates

by Eve Hoygaard, MS, RN, WHNP-BC President, Colorado Nurses Association

Eve Hoygaard and Lori Rae Hamilton were the elected Delegates to the Center for American Nurses (CAN). The June 22-23, 2008 Membership Council of the CAN met in Washington, D.C. just prior to the American Nurses Association (ANA) Constituent Assembly and House of Delegates meetings. Both Colorado Delegates attended the meeting.


The CAN represented 41 Constituent Member Associations (CMA). Colorado Nurses Association is a CMA, and a member of the CAN.

For about five years, the CAN has been an Affiliate Organizational Member (AOM) of the ANA that addressed workplace advocacy issues. The United American Nurses (UAN) has also been an Affiliate Organizational Member, representing union membership. This Membership Status changed with By-Laws enacted at the ANA House of Delegates. Please refer to the summary of ANA Bylaws changes in this article.

During its five years of existence, the CAN has developed numerous publications available for purchase and has offered its annual LEAD Summit event since 2007. The most recent publication (2008) is Lateral Violence and Bullying in the Workplace.

Despite the changes ahead, the future of the CAN is one of hopeful enthusiasm! Many ideas are being explored that will meet the needs of nurses in the area of workplace advocacy. At this point, each state CMA, such as the Colorado Nurses Association, has several options to consider. The state CMA can elect to sign a new agreement with the CAN, and continue to send financial support for CAN activities. Another option is for the CMA to contract for specific services. The CMA may elect to not support any involvement with the CAN. There is also an individual membership option being considered by CAN.

The November Colorado Nurses Association House of Delegates meeting will be involved in discussion on these issues. Please also check the future Colorado Nurse issues for more information on the evolving relationships with both the CAN and the UAN.

For more information on the Center for American Nurses, you are invited to visit their newly designed website at www. It was my privilege to attend and participate in the Center for American Nurses Membership Council Meeting.

by Lori Rae Hamilton, RN, MSN Vice President CNA District 4

Center for American Nurses Colorado Delegate

The Center for American Nurses (CAN) held their House of Delegate meeting on June 22-23 in Washington, D.C. I was honored to represent Colorado as one of the two delegates. At this meeting, I learned a lot about the history of the CAN and the relationship with ANA. With this knowledge I will be able to give the future of nurse a little fit more history of the CAN and ANA, and use this to stress the importance of belonging to our professional organizations. I was also honored to meet the president of the ANA, among other very knowledgeable colleagues in the nursing profession. Various issues were discussed throughout the meeting. The main issue was the separation from the ANA. This issue was further discussed at the ANA HOD. I would highly encourage each of you to participate as a delegate on the national level. There different organizations need your creativity and insight. I would like to thank the Colorado Nurses Association for this wonderful opportunity, and look forward to becoming a delegate for CNA and representing Colorado again.
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