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American Made Response.

On page 12 of your latest issue is an article titled "American Made" about a couple who are just starting to learn about canning. I'm shocked that you did not guide them to gather up a Ball Starter Kit and the Ball Blue Book. You should personally contact them with that information. I'm not trying to sell their product. I'm trying to guide this couple to one very good product to learn about which foods need to be pressure canned versus water bath canned. This is nicely illustrated in the Ball Blue Book along with many recipes. And, they should also pick up a Ball water bath canning pot while they're at the store.

Not all foods need to be pressure canned and most canning recipes will tell you the process required for specific foods plus the pressure required and the process time (which starts when the pressure is up to point and/or the water in the pot reaches boiling again after the jars are submerged).

Very basic stuff, however, it will be a boon to all canning beginners.

Jesse Glessner

Hello Jesse,

Thank you for reaching out to Countryside. It's always great when readers take the time to share their thoughts!

We agree that the Ball Blue Book is a terrific resource for canners at any level. In fact, we have a great review ofthat very book on our website: why-the-ball-canning-book-is-my-1guide-to-safe-food-preservation/

The "American Made?" comment in Country Conversation & Feedback (September / October) was simply about whether or not the Ail-American canner was truly American made. The full article "How to Successfully Use a Pressure Canner" does recommend visiting the Ball website:

You can read that article at canning-food-preservation/how-to-use-a-pressure-canner/. We hope you find it valuable!--Editorial

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Author:Glessner, Jesse
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2017
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