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THE GREAT AMERICAN RESET. Epstein, Nadine Editorial Jan 1, 2021 1186
PHILIP ROTH'S JEWISH AMERICA. Siegel, Robert Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 1801
The Economic Turn in American Jewish History: When Women (Mostly) Disappeared. Prell, Riv-ellen Report Oct 1, 2019 11681
Beyond Production vs. Consumption and Structure vs. Identity: The Case for a Renewed Jewish Economic History. Trivellato, Francesca Report Oct 1, 2019 1559
Roundtable Response. Prell, Riv-ellen Report Oct 1, 2019 1871
The Jewish History of Punk. Sep 1, 2019 626
A calm insistence that an hysterically pro-abortion USA Today story make at least an attempt at balance. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2019 743
State of the Field: On Kosher Hamburgers, Yiddish Tangos, and Non-Affiliated Jews: Writing Jewish Latin America into the Americas. Rein, Raanan; Brodsky, Adriana M. Essay Jul 1, 2019 8179
Young American Jews Disrupt National Rally in Israel Protesting 'Birthright' Trips. Brief article Jan 3, 2019 206
Cooperation and Struggle: Rethinking the Impact of the American Zionist Leadership on the Twenty-Second Zionist Congress. Segev, Zohar Essay Jan 1, 2019 9084
VOTER FRAUD. A JEWISH ISSUE? American Jews have traditionally been at the forefront of the struggle for expanding voting rights. But as political conservatism has gained a stronger foothold, a small but highly influential group of Jews has switched allegiance. Breger, Sarah; Epstein, Nadine; Guttman, Nathan; Modi, Anis; Schwartz, Amy E. Nov 1, 2018 3750
Photo Essay: Rediscovering Jewish Infrastructure: Showcasing Surviving Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Synagogues. Gordon, Mark W. Essay Oct 1, 2018 1139
Political Science. Sep 22, 2018 950
State of the Field: New Directions for American Jewish Migration Histories. Garland, Libby Essay Jul 1, 2018 8275
Shadarim in the Colonial Americas: Agents of InterCommunal Connectivity and Rabbinic Authority. Mirvis, Stanley Apr 1, 2018 6862
Heimat and Home: Mobility Among Jews in Quincy, Illinois. Gensheimer, Cynthia Francis; Hieke, Anton Apr 1, 2018 1451
"Our Temples Are Deserted": The Jewish Sabbath Observance Movement in New York, 1879-1930. Moskoff, William Velvet; Gayie, Carol Essay Mar 22, 2018 14559
"We Are in the First Temple": Fact and Affect in American Jews' Emergent Genetic Narrative. Fox, Dory Essay Mar 22, 2018 10736
The Outsiders: What U.S. Jewish narratives have to say to an age of rising hatred and exclusion. Dembin, Russell M. Mar 1, 2018 2247
"For Peace, Not Socialism": The 1917 Mayoralty Campaign in New York City and Immigrant Jews in a Global Perspective. Ribak, Gil Essay Oct 1, 2017 10898
State of the Field: Israeli Historiography on American Jewry. Alroey, Gur Essay Oct 1, 2017 6739
Reflections on Transnationalism and the American Jewish Experience. Zola, Gary Phillip Essay Oct 1, 2017 4057
From Community and Place to Network and Space: The Transnational Dimension of Immigration in American Jewish History. Wilhelm, Cornelia Essay Oct 1, 2017 2852
Transnational Perspectives on Jewish and American-Jewish Studies. Rurup, Miriam Essay Oct 1, 2017 1379
Modern Historians and Jewish Transnational Perspectives. Lederhendler, Eli Essay Oct 1, 2017 1863
Transnational Ties: The Longue Duree of Jewish Migrations to the United States. Brinkmann, Tobias Report Oct 1, 2017 1925
"Let Us Endeavor to Count Them Up": The Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Jewish Demography. Rabin, Shari Essay Oct 1, 2017 9119
US Jews to take case for pluralism to Israeli public. Chabin, Michele Jul 14, 2017 552
Introduction: Jewish American material culture. Leibman, Laura A. Essay Apr 1, 2017 2392
A home between death and life: mausoleums as liminal spaces of memory for classical reform Jews of Temple Emanu-El, 1890-1945. Lufkin, Sophia C. Essay Apr 1, 2017 12239
"The lower east side's synagogue, tenement, and Russian bathhouse: Mikva'ot and the excavation of a mikvah at 5 Allen Street". Bergoffen, Celia J. Apr 1, 2017 12700
Beyond synagogues and cemeteries: the built environment as an aspect of vernacular Jewish material culture in Charleston, South Carolina. Stiefel, Barry L. Apr 1, 2017 14227
That Judaism might yet live: pastoral care and the making of the post-Holocaust conservative rabbinate. Steiner, Benjamin Essay Apr 1, 2017 9022
Remaking ourselves at home. Moore, Deborah Dash Essay Apr 1, 2016 4823
At home, indeed: Deborah Dash Moore and the religious modernity of New York City's second generation Jews. Butler, Jon Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 5476
Domestic virtues: Deborah Dash Moore's: At Home in America and its historiographical context. Lederhendler, Eli Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6440
At home in the city: Jewish urban history between the new and old worlds. Kuznitz, Cecile E. Essay Apr 1, 2016 5395
Beyond the binary: Los Angeles and a New York state of mind. Baumgarten, Max D. Essay Apr 1, 2016 6507
Filming identity in the Jewish American postwar; or, on the uses and abuses of periodization for Jewish Studies. Schreier, Benjamin Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 11257
U.S. Jews' Support for Obama Stabilizes After Two-Year Drop. Norman, Jim Survey Jan 26, 2016 853
The Iran deal and Jewish votes. Dec 4, 2015 172
"How it will end, the blessed God knows": a reading of Jewish correspondence during the revolutionary war era. Hoberman, Michael Essay Oct 1, 2015 15383
340 rabbis urge Congress to approve Iran nuclear deal. Markoe, Lauren Aug 28, 2015 477
The early years of American Jewish History: Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society and the Minute Books of Congregation Shearith Israel. Rock, Howard B. Apr 1, 2015 11574
Abraham before Abraham: pursuing the Portuguese roots of the Seixas Family. Vieira, Carla Apr 1, 2015 9653
The anti-gospel of Lenny, Larry and Sarah: Jewish humor and the desecration of Christendom. Tanny, Jarrod Apr 1, 2015 11754
Jewish "diasporic humor" and contemporary Jewish-American identity. Rosenberg, Roberta Essay Mar 22, 2015 12091
Chameleon Man and Unruly Woman: Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand. Brook, Vincent Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 10967
The halo of education in Abraham Cahan's "the imported bridegroom" and The Rise of David Levinsky. Shiffman, Dan Essay Sep 22, 2014 7242
Beyond the ivory tower: American Jewish history for a public audience. Antler, Joyce Apr 1, 2014 570
The evolution of a public historian and documentary filmmaker. Wasserman, Suzanne Apr 1, 2014 2735
Beyond the ivory tower: doing public history in the digital age. Rosenbaum, Judith Essay Apr 1, 2014 2159
The challenge of the Jewish American novel. Gilmore, Jennifer Apr 1, 2014 1185
From the collections of the American Jewish Historical Society: photograph of a kosher delicatessen. Apr 1, 2014 1948
"The confidence placed in you is of the greatest magnitude": representations of paternal authority in early Jewish American letters. Hoberman, Michael Essay Mar 22, 2014 10830
Against the tide: re-discovering early Jewish American literary history. Kramer, Michael P. Essay Mar 22, 2014 5550
Dialectics of travel: reading the journey in Antonio de Montezinos's Relacion (1644). Perelis, Ronnie Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 10973
Poetics of the apocalypse: messianism in early Jewish American poetry. Leibman, Laura Arnold Essay Mar 22, 2014 12621
The questioning jew and the Jewish question. Diamond, James A. Essay Mar 1, 2014 3047
Ethnographers and history. Kelner, Shaul Jan 1, 2014 2187
Editor's introduction. Ashton, Dianne Column Oct 1, 2013 694
The Agudah and 'Der Baal Tshuva': the Agudath Israel World Organization, politicized orthodoxy and the interwar American Jewish Community. Olson, Jess Essay Oct 1, 2013 14309
Make Way for Youth: the American Jewish Committee and the social problem film. Simon, Art Essay Oct 1, 2013 10240
Jeff Zucker, the American Streicher? Reed, Ishmael Essay Sep 22, 2013 3280
Navigating the worldly and the divine: Jewish American artists on Judaism and their art. Baskind, Samantha Essay Sep 22, 2013 6373
Remarks on Friedman medal. Moore, Deborah Dash Speech Apr 1, 2013 1772
Destructive creators: Sender Jarmulowsky and financial failure in the annals of American Jewish History. Kobrin, Rebecca Essay Apr 1, 2013 13800
The adolescent self-fashioning of Mary Antin. Yudkoff, Sunny Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 15462
More to Jews than woody Allen movies. Jan 1, 2013 575
General Grant's Expulsion of the Jews. Chandler, Adam Dec 19, 2012 198
Joan Nathan's Jewish Family Marked Christmas With Its Own Recipes, From Cookies to Champagne Punch. Nathan, Joan Dec 17, 2012 169
This Week In Jewcy: An Amerian Living In Ukraine Finds a Special Antique Menorah. Editors, The Dec 14, 2012 196
Antisemitism in America: an update 1995-2012. Dinnerstein, Leonard Essay Dec 1, 2012 3486
Editor's introduction. Ashton, Dianne Column Nov 17, 2012 415
Historians respond. Rogoff, Leonard Nov 17, 2012 1482
Forget Williamsburg, Birthright, and Matisyahu. America's Truly Modern Jew Was Created After World War I. Sandweiss, Naomi Brief article Nov 9, 2012 170
Shmuley Boteach on Why He's Voting for Mitt Romney. Boteach, Shmuley Brief article Nov 5, 2012 217
Mitt Romney's Policies Are Opposed to Values of Justice and Compassion. Weingarten, Randi Brief article Oct 30, 2012 156
"Absolutely Uncertain" Video and the Jewish Media. Brief article Oct 8, 2012 103
Chaim Potok's reforming of a traditional Judaic narrative in The Gift of Asher Lev. Devir, Nathan P. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 7153
Foreign bodies: a pentimento. Kessner, Carole S. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 7339
The Two State Religion. Aug 14, 2012 107
Ice Cream's Jewish Innovators. Nathan, Joan Aug 2, 2012 1200
Jews, Abortion, and Wichita's Wailing Wall. Chandler, Adam Jul 17, 2012 534
The Forgotten Confederate Jew. Brook, Daniel Biography Jul 17, 2012 1147
My Jewish Education. Tracy, Marc Editorial Jul 13, 2012 1033
Book Notes. Recommended readings Jun 22, 2012 4313
The Rise Of The "Partially Jewish". Carmon, Irin Jun 12, 2012 425
A Facebook-Friendly Journey for Young Jews. Butnick, Stephanie Jun 8, 2012 348
Judaism, the Religion of Rules. Tracy, Marc May 24, 2012 371
Dear Tablet Reader, China Wants You. Tracy, Marc Brief article May 24, 2012 266
The End of the Jewish Left. Kirsch, Adam May 16, 2012 1041
Bigoted Letter-Writer Offers Apologia. Tracy, Marc May 15, 2012 363
Congressional Jew-Count Plummeting. Klein, Dan May 2, 2012 554
The Most Jewish Election. Troy, Tevi Apr 24, 2012 1077
Jews Still Support Obama, Focus on Economy. Tracy, Marc Apr 3, 2012 625
Other Supreme Court Decides Jerusalem Case. Tracy, Marc Mar 26, 2012 348
Talmud on the roof, or materializing American Jewish literary studies. Roth, Laurence Essay Mar 22, 2012 2373
New York Intellectual/Neocon/Jewish; or, how I learned to stop worrying and ignore Ruth Wisse. Schreier, Benjamin Essay Mar 22, 2012 5324
On Jewish literature: a polemical position paper. Freedman, Jonathan Essay Mar 22, 2012 2187
The wretched refuse of Jewish American literary history. Kramer, Michael P. Essay Mar 22, 2012 7369
Lightning Rod. Hoffman, Allison Mar 22, 2012 1237
Back to My Roots. Sochaczewski, Paul Mar 21, 2012 961
The Jewish Vote. Sarna, Jonathan Mar 12, 2012 865
New Republic. Feuerman, Simon Yisrael Mar 12, 2012 807
American Jews Warming to Obama, Says Koch. Butnick, Stephanie Feb 9, 2012 396
American Jews, Seize the Day! Brief article Feb 6, 2012 102
A Few More Thoughts on That Poll. Tracy, Marc Brief article Feb 3, 2012 292
Many Jewish GOP Donors Still on Sidelines. Hoffman, Allison Feb 1, 2012 387
Not Laughing at That Birthright Parody. Leibovitz, Liel Jan 31, 2012 530
The Hitler Test. Smith, Lee Jan 27, 2012 862
Sounding Off. Ackerman, Spencer Jan 27, 2012 1112
Sundown: The Two Percent Rule. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jan 17, 2012 209
Ron Paul: An Iowa Anti-Endorsement. Tracy, Marc Jan 3, 2012 1011
Forgotten alliance: Jews, Chicanos, and the dynamics of class and race in Denver, Colorado, 1967-1971. Lee, Michael A. Essay Jan 1, 2012 10418
Solidarity. Ahmari, Sohrab Dec 22, 2011 771
Disunion. Chandler, Adam Dec 16, 2011 779
Zionism and the Diaspora. Leibovitz, Liel Dec 5, 2011 561
Claiming the Passion: American Fantasies of the Oberammergau Passion Play, 1923-1947. Spear, Sonja E. Essay Dec 1, 2011 13912
An investigation of Jewish ethnic identity and Jewish affiliation for American Jews. Kakhnovets, Regina; Wolf, Lily Report Nov 1, 2011 7190
BREAKING: Many American Jews Are Rich. Tracy, Marc Oct 26, 2011 414
The Hijacking of Young American Jewish Adults. Brief article Oct 5, 2011 101
The Life and Psalms of the Late Shlomo Solomon. Seitel, Jane Poem Sep 22, 2011 1384
Jewish Support for Obama Down, but Not Disproportionately; Current 13-point gap between Jewish and national support is about average. Survey Sep 16, 2011 766
Who Is Queens Boulevard? Editors, The Brief article Sep 15, 2011 105
Republican-Jewish Coalition. Jacobs, Ben Sep 15, 2011 1365
Divine Right. Shandler, Jeffrey Essay Sep 9, 2011 750
Standard and Poor. Ingall, Marjorie Viewpoint essay Sep 6, 2011 1158
No Escape. Kirsch, Adam Viewpoint essay Sep 6, 2011 1461
The Republicans' Jewish Problem. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jul 25, 2011 261
Christian Wrong. Goldberg, Michelle Jul 25, 2011 2259
Sundown: A Passed Law, and Another Fails. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jul 20, 2011 205
American Jews Unite Against Knesset Bill. Klein, Dan Brief article Jul 13, 2011 204
Solid Majority of Jewish Americans Still Approve of Obama; Changes in approval among Jews continues to reflect broader U.S. patterns. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 5, 2011 941
New Poll Finds '1967' Speech Had No Impact. Tracy, Marc Jul 5, 2011 528
Amulets. Sher, Steven J. Poem Jun 22, 2011 411
Powering Down. Bleyer, Jennifer Jun 16, 2011 1319
History Game. Leibovitz, Liel Jun 15, 2011 1115
Shavuot 2011. Editors, The Brief article Jun 2, 2011 201
Sweetening the Deal. May 9, 2011 1912
Chabad Chic. Tracy, Marc Brief article May 3, 2011 171
Jew for Sarah. Hoffman, Allison May 3, 2011 1632
On the Bookshelf. Lambert, Josh Recommended readings May 2, 2011 948
Honor Your Mother and Father. Klein, Dan Brief article Apr 11, 2011 138
Do You Drive a BMW? Tracy, Marc Brief article Apr 6, 2011 180
Persian Gulf. Hoffman, Allison Apr 6, 2011 1297
Study: Birthright Does What It's Supposed To. Tracy, Marc Brief article Mar 25, 2011 304
Strange bedfellows? Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Mar 17, 2011 153
Yes, But How Do You Feel About Egypt? Tracy, Marc Brief article Feb 16, 2011 135
We Giveth, and Then We Giveth Some More. Tracy, Marc Brief article Feb 9, 2011 141
Israel connectedness: Australian, United States and English survey findings compared. Markus, Andrew Jan 1, 2011 6170
"Dot' sh a' kin' a man I am!" Abraham Cahan, masculinity, and Jewish assimilation in nineteenth-century America. Motley, Clay Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 6329
Dazed and confused: Lamed Shapiro's American stories. Garrett, Leah Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 6433
Judaism, Jewishness, and the universal symbols of identity: re-sacralizing the Star of David and the color yellow. Greene, Dana M.; Peacock, James R. Essay Jan 1, 2011 9819
Hawaiian Makes Aliya. Klein, Dan Brief article Dec 20, 2010 166
Jews Give It Up. Klein, Dan Brief article Dec 9, 2010 111
A New Kind of Jew. Tracy, Marc Brief article Dec 7, 2010 275
Eastern Front. Leibovitz, Liel Dec 7, 2010 2336
Role models or foils for American Jews? The Eternal Light, displaced persons, and the construction of Jewishness in mid-twentieth-century America. Krah, Markus Essay Dec 1, 2010 9643
"Viva Yeshiva!" The tale of the mighty mites and the college bowl. Eleff, Zev Essay Dec 1, 2010 8433
J Street's Silent Majority. Hoffman, Allison Nov 3, 2010 680
The Message. Smith, Lee Oct 30, 2010 675
Web Jew.0. Leibovitz, Liel Oct 4, 2010 1870
Ethnic influence and American foreign policy: American Jewish leaders and President Jimmy Carter. Lazarowitz, Arlene Sep 22, 2010 10540
Tumultuous Time. Kirsch, Adam Sep 14, 2010 1910
AU opposes sectarian prayer at Del. school board meetings. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 228
A Schmutz for a Sanders. Tracy, Marc Brief article Aug 26, 2010 251
Israel and the Youngs. Tracy, Marc Survey Aug 26, 2010 278
Obama and the Jews. Tracy, Marc Aug 23, 2010 336
Poll Finds Jews Trending GOP. Tracy, Marc Brief article Aug 20, 2010 322
Sundown: Kosher Pot. Tracy, Marc Brief article Aug 12, 2010 145
Daybreak: U.S. Jews Accused of Meddling. Tracy, Marc Brief article Aug 9, 2010 132
Generous Jews. Tracy, Marc Brief article Aug 5, 2010 188
Have We Overreacted? Tracy, Marc Jul 23, 2010 662
Recessionary Judaism. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jul 9, 2010 303
Long Haul. Jul 9, 2010 1181
Jews Debate Jews Debating Obama. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jun 15, 2010 262
U.S. Jews' Dangerous Illusion. Brief article Apr 28, 2010 81
U.S. Jews Dangerous Illusion. Brief article Apr 28, 2010 81
U.S. Jewry's Dangerous Illusion. Brief article Apr 28, 2010 81
Research Dispels Myth that US Jews Are Detached from Israel. Brief article Apr 7, 2010 84
Exploration of Jewish ethnic identity. Altman, Abby N.; Inman, Arpana G.; Fine, Stephanie G.; Ritter, Hollie A.; Howard, Erin E. Report Mar 22, 2010 8755
Professional impostors and authentic Jacksonian Jews: negotiating identity in Ben Katchor's The Jew of New York. Henkin, Sara Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 7291
Stimulus Plan for American Jews: Move to Israel. Brief article Mar 9, 2010 87
Introduction: the Soviet romance and its demise. Alexander, Michael Scott Mar 1, 2010 820
Professing Leninist Yiddishkayt: the decline of American Yiddish communism. Estraikh, Gennady Essay Mar 1, 2010 11983
US Neo-Nazis and Moldova Christians Darken Chanukah Lights. Dec 14, 2009 84
JORDAN - Nov 18 - Jordan Tells US Jews To Support Palestinian Statehood. Brief article Nov 21, 2009 241
Cornerstone Laid for New Jewish Neighborhood in Jerusalem. Brief article Nov 18, 2009 92
US Jews: We Want to Live in Judea and Samaria. Brief article Nov 17, 2009 94
Israeli Op-Ed: Teitl Made in USA. Brief article Nov 10, 2009 101
Editor's introduction. Goldstein, Eric L. Column Sep 1, 2009 1095
The challenge of implementing reconstructionism: art, ideology, and the society for the advancement of Judaism's sanctuary mural. Waxman, Deborah; Norden, Joyce Galpern Essay Sep 1, 2009 11813
Obama's 'Hit Man' Emanuel Splitting US American Jewry. Brief article Jul 30, 2009 81
The Madoff scandal and American Jewry. Tobin, Jonathan S. Jun 22, 2009 1754
Introduction: American Jewish youth, historical narratives, and cultural change. Prell, Riv-Ellen Jun 1, 2009 4547
Orphans and prodigies: rediscovering young Jewish immigrant "marginals". Lederhendler, Eli Essay Jun 1, 2009 9030
Reuben Cohen comes of age: American Jewish youth and the lived experience of cultural pluralism in the 1920s. Greene, Daniel Essay Jun 1, 2009 10534
On Jewish particularity and anti-semitism: notes from a Jewish theology of liberation. Ellis, Marc H. Mar 22, 2009 11765
We are all post-Jewish historians now: what American Jewish history brings to the table. Hyman, Paula E. Mar 1, 2009 3109
American Jewish Life. Recommended readings Jan 1, 2009 5484
Freedom for all? Blacks, Jews, and the political censorship of white racists in the civil rights era. Webb, Clive Essay Dec 1, 2008 13137
"The true liberalism of Zionism": Horace Kallen, Jewish nationalism, and the limits of American pluralism. Pianko, Noam Essay Dec 1, 2008 12821
Obama Winning Over the Jewish Vote; Three-quarters of U.S. Jewish voters now plan to back Obama for president. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 23, 2008 613
TRAIL MIX: Student Voter Act, Obama a Stones Man, and Jewish Vote Closer than Usual. Rosenberg, Suzanne Sep 26, 2008 548
Saving the Jews of the Soviet Union. Golden, Peter Critical essay Sep 1, 2008 2045
American Jews don't support 'Christian Zionism,' new survey indicates. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 294
"No whisky Amazons in the tents of Israel": American Jews and the gilded age temperance movement. Davis, Marni Essay Sep 1, 2008 12628
Not-quite-closed gates: Jewish alien smuggling in the post-quota years. Garland, Libby Essay Sep 1, 2008 12642
Jewish men and the early twentieth-century American code of masculinity through ethnic lenses. Mihailescu, Dana Essay Jun 1, 2008 6186
Obama Beats McCain Among Jewish Voters; Trails Clinton by slim margin among Jewish Democrats for the nomination. Saad, Lydia Survey May 7, 2008 578
Clinton, Obama Closely Matched Among Jewish Democrats; Clinton running strongly among Catholics. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 24, 2008 586
Confronting antisemitism in America: Louis Marshall and Henry Ford. Rifkind, Robert S. Mar 1, 2008 8532
The Aristocrat and the Democrat: Louis Marshall, Stephen S. Wise and the Challenge of American Jewish Leadership. Raider, Mark A. Essay Mar 1, 2008 9812
Columnist Says Conservative Jewish Pundits Are Out of the Mainstream. Dec 27, 2007 324
American Jews and the ambivalence of middle-classness. Berman, Lila Corwin Essay Dec 1, 2007 11548
Few friends in the Negev: in 1993, Dvorah Brous was a nice Jewish girl from New Jersey who went to Israel to discover her cultural traditions. Today she's the champion of the disenfranchised Bedouin Arabs of the Negev Desert. Twair, Pat McDonnell Nov 1, 2007 1157
Proving the power of the Israel lobby. Lerner, Michael Oct 12, 2007 916
American Zionists' place in Israel after statehood: from involved partners to outside supporters. Segev, Zohar Essay Sep 1, 2007 12080
American Jews and the Mideast. Mort, Jo-Ann Jun 1, 2007 771
Regionalism: the significance of place in American Jewish life. Ferris, William R. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2007 7004
The 1794 Synagogue of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim of Charleston: reconstructed and reconsidered. Ackermann, Daniel Kurt Jun 1, 2007 6361
Whistling "Dixie" while humming "Ha-Tikvah": acculturation and activism among Orthodox Jews in Fort Worth. Weiner, Hollace Ava Jun 1, 2007 10976
Presentation of the Lee Max Friedman medal to Gerald Sorin *. Jun 1, 2007 2530
Shul politics. Franke-Ruta, Garance May 1, 2007 749
Racism, antisemitism, and the Schism between Blacks and Jews in the United States: a pilot intergroup encounter program. Schlosser, Lewis Z.; Talleyrand, Regine M.; Lyons, Heather Z.; Baker, Lisa M. Apr 1, 2007 6239
Answer maven: if only we could pass over our in-laws, it would make the holiday season so much easier to handle, but alas, we cannot. Thankfully our own expert and provider of solutions is on the case. Kirschner, Chanie Cohen Mar 1, 2007 793
Riding the wild waves of the Jewish dating game: Jewish dating above the age of thirty in the 21st century, can be a complicated affair. It's one part high-tech and several parts high school social etiquette, as our intrepid essayist found out during her Caribbean search for romance. Pomerance, Rachel Mar 1, 2007 926
The American Jewish response to the holocaust--a reconsideration. Young, Bette Roth Mar 1, 2007 5133
The new filiopietism, or toward a new history of Jewish immigration to America *. Lederhendler, Eli Mar 1, 2007 9777
My fair Sadie: Allan Sherman and a paradox of American Jewish culture. Cohen, Mark Mar 1, 2007 8812
Remarks by President George W. Bush at the national dinner celebrating 350 years of Jewish life in America. Mar 1, 2007 1688
Among Religious Groups, Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose War; Opposition goes beyond Jewish Americans' political affiliations. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 23, 2007 1079
All hail the chief: how a black Jewish Texan cleaned up an old confederate city. Ledeen, Michael Jan 1, 2007 771
The Chomping Champion: Moses Lerman can swallow seven sticks of butter in five minutes, yet he's been unable to regain the revered matzah ball title. Meet the fastest eating Jew in America. Marcus, Lilit Jan 1, 2007 733
The daughter of Q: you may recognize Rashida Jones from her starring turn in NBC's The Office or her half a dozen other acting gigs in TV and movies, but it's the role she was born into- the biracial Jewish daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones- that made her famous. Miller, Gerri Jan 1, 2007 1588
Happy Chanumas to all, and to all a good night: this year, I took what I loved about Christmas and made a Chanukah to remember. Barry, Tina Jan 1, 2007 651
His so-called life: David Matthews grew up a biracial Jew, but never told the white classmates at his exclusive high school for fear that he wouldn't be accepted. In his new memoir, Matthews recalls how he suffered and why he finally decided to come out as a proud black man. Barry, Tina Biography Jan 1, 2007 803
The Chosen: defining American Judaism. McClymond, Kathryn Jan 1, 2007 8177
"Why am I on a plane heading 'home' from Israel to Los Angeles?". Greyber, Daniel Sep 1, 2006 1849
Have we arrived? The case of Jewish Studies in U.S. universities. Greenspahn, Frederick E. Sep 1, 2006 3109
Lakewood, Ohio, 1930's. Gold, Herbert Excerpt Sep 1, 2006 2904
Jewish-American writers and Jewishly observant characters. Pinsker, Sanford Sep 1, 2006 2799
A message from Murray Baumgarten. Baumgarten, Murray; Engelmayer, Shammai; Henry, Marilyn Editorial Jun 22, 2006 440
Editor's corner. Engelmayer, Shammai Editorial Jun 22, 2006 557
Touching the infinite through liturgy. Levine, Joseph A. Jun 22, 2006 5176
Between the Orient and the ghetto: a modern immigrant woman in Anzia Yezierska's Salome of the Tenements. Coklin, Ljiljana Critical essay Jun 1, 2006 10805
Ganderbill Holler. Liftig, Anya Brief article Jan 1, 2006 347
Conservative Judaism at the crossroads: choosing the path of outreach. Rosen, Tracee L. Column Jun 22, 2005 1830
Race and Jews in America: an introduction. Itzkovitz, Daniel Jun 22, 2005 3021
Transgressions of a model minority. Freedman, Jonathan Jun 22, 2005 11996
Nathanael West's Indian commodities. Rubinstein, Rachel Jun 22, 2005 10378
Judaism and the future of religion in America: the situation of Conservative Judaism today. Wertheimer, Jack Editorial Jun 22, 2005 2288
Conservative Judaism in the twenty-first century. Barmash, Pamela Jun 22, 2005 1803
A Conservative Cri de Coeur. Blank, Debra Reed Jun 22, 2005 2714
Conservative Judaism and the twenty-first century. Grossman, Susan Jun 22, 2005 1610
Faithful and sane. Kalmanofsky, Jeremy Jun 22, 2005 1921
In the footsteps of Rabbi Akiva. Lerner, David G. Jun 22, 2005 2771
Gadol kvod habriot: placing human dignity at the center of Conservative Judaism. Nevins, Daniel S. Jun 22, 2005 2304
Exploring 350 Years of Jewish American history on the internet. Berson, Michael J.; Cruz, Barbara C. Apr 1, 2005 4670
The aporia of AIDS and/as Holocaust. Goshert, John Charles Mar 22, 2005 10640
Jewish "officialdom" and Christ: who said what and what did they say?The Passion of the. Jacobs, Steven Leonard Mar 22, 2005 3887
American Jewry's response to the Holocaust: some reflections from the last eyewitnesses. Medoff, Rafael Critical Essay Mar 1, 2005 1217
Jesus, Spinoza, and Jewish modernity. Brackman, Harold Jan 1, 2005 8998
Attempting the impossible: eliminating election from the Jewish liturgy. Kaminsky, Joel S. Jan 1, 2005 4599
Contemporary sectarianism: is there a future for Klal Yisrael in America? Amkraut, Brian Jan 1, 2005 3962
Western reality: Jewish diversity during the "German" period *. Kahn, Ava F.; Eisenberg, Ellen Dec 1, 2004 10711
The American Jewish condition after 350 years. Feingold, Henry L. Sep 1, 2004 4117
The Jewish divide on Israel: a growing grassroots movement has challenged the artificial AIPAC consensus. Kaplan, Esther Jul 12, 2004 3461
Forgiveness and hope in the china cabinet. Klempner, Mark May 7, 2004 772
Going East: the impact of American Yiddish plays and players on the Yiddish stage in Czarist Russia, 1890-1914. Warnke, Nina Mar 1, 2004 12692
Still life: Sephardi, Ashkenazi, and West African art and form in Suriname's Jewish cemeteries. Ben-Ur, Aviva Mar 1, 2004 21758
Abraham J. Karp, z"l. Haber, Leo Obituary Jan 1, 2004 666
The US, Israel and the Jewish-American lobby. Murphy, Terry Nov 1, 2003 394
Marching with the Bergson group: a memoir. Hertzberg, Arthur Sep 22, 2003 1663
From literary gadfly to Jewish activist: the political transformation of Ben Hecht. Troy, Gil Biography Sep 22, 2003 9977
Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik and American Jewry's response to the Holocaust. Lookstein, Haskel Sep 22, 2003 2237
Jewish settlement in the new world and its antecedents. Chazan, Robert Sep 1, 2003 3424
The normalization of American Jewish history. Hyman, Paula E. Sep 1, 2003 2871
The religion, Judaism, in America: what has happened in three hundred and fifty years? Neusner, Jacob Sep 1, 2003 3688
Reflecting on American Jewish history. Ruderman, David B. Sep 1, 2003 3420
American Jews and the European gaze. Zipperstein, Steven J. Sep 1, 2003 3137
On their own terms: America's Jewish Women, 1954-2004. Nadell, Pamela S. Sep 1, 2003 7064
From institutional decay to primary day: American Orthodox Jewry since World War II. Waxman, Chaim I. Sep 1, 2003 7512
The changing Jewish political profile. Friedman, Murray Sep 1, 2003 6742
Post-World-War-II American Jewry and the confrontation with catastrophe. Diner, Hasia Sep 1, 2003 12632
Dutch notarial records pertaining to Asser Levy, 1659-1692. Hershkowitz, Leo Sep 1, 2003 4590
Letters from Jamaica, 1719-1725. Faber, Eli Sep 1, 2003 3230
"The day is short and the task is great": reports from Jewish military chaplains in Europe, 1945-1947. Feldberg, Michael Sep 1, 2003 8347
The 2003 concurrent resolution of Congress to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the American Jewish community. Zola, Gary Phillip Sep 1, 2003 3091
In search of the unbearable. Kushner, Tony Column Jul 1, 2003 634
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