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Articles from American Jewish Life Magazine (March 1, 2007)

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30 second sermon: Passover. Cohen, Rabbi Ezra A. Brief article 349
Answer maven: if only we could pass over our in-laws, it would make the holiday season so much easier to handle, but alas, we cannot. Thankfully our own expert and provider of solutions is on the case. Kirschner, Chanie Cohen 793
Dear God, you're fired. Pilcher, Bradford R. 2675
Diet, interrupted: our courageous food columnist spends a week on the KosherZone Diet in an attempt to shed a few pounds. Was she successful? Well, sort of. Barry, Tina 741
Heretic of the month: Jacob Frank. Michaelson, Jay Interview 865
Not-isyahu: Lubavitch rockers Chunah Silverman and Menachem Shapiro are bringing biblical rhymes to the mainstream. Say hello to the other white Jewish Hasidic reggae rappers. Roth, Matthue 859
Riding the wild waves of the Jewish dating game: Jewish dating above the age of thirty in the 21st century, can be a complicated affair. It's one part high-tech and several parts high school social etiquette, as our intrepid essayist found out during her Caribbean search for romance. Pomerance, Rachel 926
The devil's advocate? Norman Mailer channels Satan and Hitler's childhood in his controversial new novel. We sit down with the legendary writer to ask what the hell he was thinking. Solomont, E.B. Interview 1026
The Prince and I: to many, the African Hebrew Israelites are just an offbeat fringe cult with odd customs. No meat! No caffeine! No medicine! No Chanukah! Multiple Wives! But spend the day with them and you'll find out a whole lot more. Cohen, Benyamin 6843
The rebirth of a man named Goldberg: after leaving his football career behind him, Bill Goldberg went on to become the world's most famous wrestler--making millions by prancing around in nothing but boots and underwear. Now the 40 year old is reinventing himself again, this time as a reality television host, a family man, and a proud Jew. Miller, Gerri Interview 1834
This Glass is half full: Ira Glass, the host of public radio's ridiculously popular This American Life, is taking his show to a whole new arena--television. Will his 1.7 million weekly listerers follow? Stay tuned. Miller, Gerri Interview 1480
Tribal sounds: thanks to their lineage, Jewish film composers are hitting all the right notes. Martin, Molly Beth 421
Uncle Aaron: Passover seders are times for families to celebrate together--even if said family is really, really weird. Kesselman, Jonathan 679

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